Eadsfest Pics Part Deux

>> Tuesday, September 08, 2009

You asked for more and you are getting it! Team pics, etc. from Eadsfest 2009

Celebrating our victory with the younger version of my Hubby!
This is me giving Michael a pep talk..aka MAN UP! because he had the jitters in our first round of Flingo!

This is Kevin announcing the Winners. The Best...look at Scott's Face! It looks like someone took the cookie straight out of his hand! Good try DrunkenBauers...you went from last place in 2008 to a tie for 2nd with Michael's Bitches.
Jon quieting the party down! Yeah don't think it is working Jon.
The most Bucked Tooth Frenas pictured together throughout the whole night. They are sly those Frenas
What the Heck are you doing in the house! I photographic proof you are not following the rules of Eadsfest! Point Deduction!
Michael associating with the enemies...aka our arch Nemisis
DrunkenBauers....Most Improved and Best Dressed
The Champions! Pre Championship
Michael's Bitches
Team B
Debbie Does Eadsfest

Had fun! Can't wait til 2010!