A few catch up pics....

>> Monday, September 28, 2009

I have a few catch up pics that I just went through and edited, etc. Night pics are tough! Haha. Above is Meg and I after the Cirque Show last weekend. Look how long my hair is! It is very mullet like in this pic as well. haha! I have since got a cut at which my hairdresser informed me it had been FOURTEEN weeks since my last one. Yeah I usually go about six so no wonder I had raggedy hair!

Meg and Erik. Erik was the doll baby that got us the tickets. He is in charge of marketing for the show.

We have been tailgating the past few weeks with the Aldens. Here is Lily enjoying some applesauce

Daddy and Lily! Go STATE! I am not sure what this face is she is making.

Lily doing an impression of Uncle Scott. Where is my black tshirt!??

GrandPeg giving Mommy a break from walking.

She loves wearing Daddy's hat. Always has.

Uncle Craig and Lily

A GodParent Shot!

It is really dark and pretty grainy so you could see the pictures....but these are of Craig toting Lily back to the car on his shoulders. At one point she fell asleep with her head resting on his. It's tough destroying a team like Murray State. What's a girl to do?