Military Appreciation Game...oh that was the Murray State Game

>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

We were lucky enough to get our dear friends (Thanks McCartys!) football tickets to the NCSU vs. Murray State game last weekend. They have season tickets that they were not using that weekend so we jumped on the opportunity. We used to have season tickets but got tired of the commitment of going EVERY Weekend and the chore it became to find parking etc. Ideally I would love to split some season tickets with another couple. That would be awesome. But alas we are stuck scrounging for tickets when we can.

This was my first time sitting in the end zone and I love it. You can see our view above. We were a little nervous about taking Lily to A. A night game B. to a game at all. She is in the state where she wants to be on the run constantly! It is exhausting to say the least. But she was AWESOME! The tailgating was a little cumbersome because if she wasn't getting into something or running away she was not happy. But she sat through the game and clapped and danced to the cheering like her genes ingrained the love of football into her blood. She clapped to the fight song and laughed when everyone cheered. So proud! Sniffle Sniffle my little Wolfpack fan! She lived up to her cheerleader outfit!

It was Military Appreciation day as well so after every (of the MANY) touchdowns a "who-ha!" came over the loud speaker and they did a fantastic flag ceremony at halftime. It was pretty impressive.

Overall a very pleasant experience despite our nervousness. We need to have a better plan for containment during tailgate but we got the game down!

Here are a few pics of the night.

It was hot! But luckily I had some Juice boxes on hand. BTW totally brought a huge diaper back of goodies in just in case we had meltdown thirty. Didn't need it but realized could totally sneak in some "drinks" because they barely check it!

This pic was so close to being good and she jerked her hand up at the last second. So close and BAM! ruined in a half a second!

A few shots of the field at half time! It is nice to Support our Troops on a random day not just September 11th! Although I am not convinced this wasn't linked! I mean it was the 12th!