Is six teeth normal?

>> Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Apparently it is! Who knew. I will say my excellent research ability...aka google....says she is an early teether. She started getting teeth earlier than the average but luckily is still normal, well as normal as to be expected with a mom like me!

Now did you know I should be brushing her teeth everyday? I compare this to my dog Charlie. You even use the same type of toothbrush! He has disgusting, disgusting breath, and do you know why? Ugh. I should brush his teeth everyday as well. But have you ever tried to stick your BIG FAT adult finger in an eight pound dogs mouth? It ain't happenin'. It is impossible. I haven't been able to "brush" the chombers but I do "washcloth" them on bath nights. I guess that is better than nothing right? But lord help us if she starts getting breath like Charlie's. That may require her to start licking her own butt though. Problematic in her case.

So as of now she has:

-top two central incicors
-bottom two central incicsors
-two bottom lateral incicsors breaking through!

God help me continue nursing! A follow up is coming to that.....


Nicole Faby January 6, 2009 at 3:01 PM  

Luke only has 4 teeth but we brush them every day and he LOVES it!! It actually seems to help with teething so when I am done I let him chomp on it for a bit and he is the happiest baby ever!!