Baby Jesus and Birthdays

>> Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A weekend full of Chucky Cheese and Baby Jesus?! Does it get any better? This weekend we celebrated my little cousin's FOURTH birthday. God I remember staying up all night at a hospital waiting for her to be born and now she is all big and adorable. I unfortunately do not have any pics of her celebrating with the big mouse. Michael was on camera duty go figure. I was way too busy playing skeeball with her to take pictures. He did manage to get a picture of Morgan and Brent though. Men...

Another wonderful event was Morgan's Baptism. At least one of the grandkids isn't a heathin'. And like I have always said you only accept Baby Jesus into your heart once so make it count. Well she did! She was so good and cute! Now this also marked Lily's first church experience. I was a little concerned we were going to catch on fire as I walked through the doors but luckily we were safe. She was awesome. The only baby that did not go to the nursery! She got a little "talkative" and I popped a bottle in her and ZZzzzzz the majority of the service. She seemed to like the singing, etc. As Michael says...he can totally see how church could make you a little sleepy.

So it was a good weekend! We had fun. Lily had fun! Good times with the family. Does anyone feel like bursting into a chorus of "we are family?"