Rocket Scientists? I think not....

>> Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Over the weekend Michael and I decided to make sure the car seat fit into my completely fabulous yet tiny car. When registering we chose the Graco Snugrider Infant Carrier based on safety reviews (#1) and the compact size. Perfect for a tiny back seat much like the one in my Eclipse. I have bucket seats so I was a little concerned about larger car seats fitting.

So we grab all of our gear, instruction booklet, car booklet, etc. and head to the garage to snap this sucker in. This should be easy right? An Engineer and a Scientist? A Cake walk!

Flash forward an hour and half later...

-Lily has learned many new curse words
-I have decided Britney Spears had the right idea with riding with her kid in her lap
-The damn car seat is STILL not in properly

If I had a video of Michael and I standing on this thing trying to tighten it and get it latched in, I might have laughed (many years later). The base just kept jiggling around. And how is it suppose to keep from flipping up? The only way I could get it in there securley was to wedge it with the passenger seat..thus not installed properly. How do idiots install these and two educated people are clueless? I am going to make a trip to the firestation this week to get the hunky firemen to install it properly. Michael will be left at home for that trip :)


Sharla April 8, 2008 at 9:02 PM  

We were right there with you!! Josh had LATCH in his car, so it was pretty easy, but installing the base in my car with the seat belt was an exercise in futility at first. Finally (after a couple of hours) we realized we were doing something wrong with the belt latchoff thing....but even then it was hard to get it tight.... and then I realized we were also doing something wrong with the belt. AARGHH!! I eventually took it to the fire station too, so I say that's a good idea!