7 Weeks to go!

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

Mom Update: A Really good weekend. I saw my ankles for the first time in weeks. Of course as soon as I head back to work they will be huge again but I enjoyed my skinny feet while it lasted. I relaxed most of the weekend and sat with my feet up. Michael bought a recliner this weekend for me (aka him) and it helped a lot with my feet. I went for a checkup on Friday. All is well. Her heart rate was the slowest it has been, in the 140s. I am thinking it is because she is getting so big! I am also measuring ahead of schedule again. Only about a week though. I am putting on weight like a champ even though my appetite has decreased significantly. Mainly a space issue. I did ask how far over they would let me go and she said usually about a week. She could tell by my face I was none to happy with that answer and said there were always special circumstances. I also have to start my kick counts for an hour a day.

Baby update: she is getting bigger and bigger. I had some middle of the night contractions that woke me up this past week. They were in my legs again and my lower back, which is a new one. It only kept me up about an hour though. She also got her first case of hiccups! I almost cried it was so cute! I can tell she is head down by how she is moving and the "area" the hiccups were felt. Who knew I would ever feel hiccups below the equator!

Next Saturday is our birthing class...SCARY! Although seeing Michael watch the birthing video might be entertaining.