10 Weeks to Go!

>> Monday, April 07, 2008

I have decided to start a countdown instead of a count up! It makes me feel better...especially since I am in single digits next week. This has been a rather boring week but for the sake of an update.

Baby Update: Very active this week! The "Alien Invasion" has begun. I can lay down and say waves of motion vs. the occasional jab. It is fun to feel around where she is laying. She responds to our voices and her name! Michael talks to her and tells her funny stories and she usually responds with some movement. Our favorite game is to poke my belly and watch her respond by kicking it away. Let us hope she doesn't come out with dents in her head from our entertainment.

Mom Update: I have been feeling pretty good. Decreased mobility especially from a sitting or lying position. If I sit too long I get achy and stiff and almost need assistance getting up. I think it is because my center of gravity is so low (short people rock!) and getting that amount of weight up is tedious. I also got a phone call from the doctor this week and although my glucose came back normal I am anemic so I began taking Iron supplements this week. This may explain the complete exhaustion. I actually feel better now than I did in my second trimester. I have also been struggling with sleep. On average during the week I am getting about four hours total. May as well get used to it right? But it is proving taxing while I am still working.

Dad update: Michael has been studying, studying, studying. He has pretty much been out of commission during the past few months because of the looming PE (professional engineering) exam which is this FRIDAY! Send good vibes his way. It is not easy to pass and has taken up so much time it would suck to take it again. After that he can start helping with a few house projects we (AKA I) want to get done prior to Baby Eads' arrival.

Nursery Update: We have done a lot to the nursery over the past few weeks. Mainly just getting stuff organized and shopping. I can tell I am nesting in certain ways. I went and bought children's Tylenol last week! Yeah I know I am weird. Here are some pictures. You may notice a name in one of these pictures if you had not been told yet....Just some quick snaps. I have a few more I may add later this week or next.

I made the pictures from a Pottery Barn Kids inspiration.

Next week should be a good update! Michael will be done with his test, I have a doctor appointment Friday, and a Family Baby Shower Saturday. Keep ya posted!


Sharla April 7, 2008 at 12:25 PM  

I love the nursery decor! You are so crafty :) The butterflies are my favorite.

And I like the idea of counting down...these last weeks can drag by so slowly, so counting up to something is a great positive spin on it!

Suz April 8, 2008 at 9:00 PM  

The nursery looks great! Love the owls on the bookshelf! Thanks for sharing & keeping me up to date on how things are going!