Dave's 30th Birthday Party

>> Monday, December 07, 2009

Dave turned 30 this week. We totally skipped over the fact Jenna turned 29...don't you love how women do that. Maybe if I distract everyone with a shiny party for my husband no one will notice that I am in fact older as well. But whatever Jenna is still hot and Dave is still goofy so not much has changed.....

The two preggos held out nicely at the party. Jen is due later this month but seriously it is any day now. So we are all anxiously awaiting another Clark Boy. And by anxious I mean parents hearts are stopping all of the world with worry for their daughters. I think Jen only stayed late to watch the end of the Georgia Tech game but hey whatever keeps the party going. And I think Brooke was just offering moral support....because she didn't stay long after Jen left. Aren't they adorable!

Scott and Paula. Paula refed a few rounds of flip cup. That girl is crazy!

The Finleys!

A perfectly good shot that Scott ruined. And he didn't even make like a normal face it is weird scary creepy guy face. SCOTT!

Da Eads minus Scott. Yeah I totally love my new boots. They make me feel like I am twenty again. Mainly because only twenty years old should rock this look but hey I can dream right?

The married in Eads playing Flip Cup. See we do still think we are young!

You can never start practicing for Eadsfest 2010 too early.

This is Dave by the end of the night. Classic. I think this picture perfectly describes the night.

We had so much fun! And what a joy to get out for some Mommy and Daddy time. Live it up even if they are few and far between.

Top 10 of Dave's 30th Birthday Bash
1. Drunk Dave spitting triscuit in my eyebrows and trying on weave.
2. Drunk Stephaine telling Brooke she didn't look pregnant just like she ate one too many Wendys.....and thinking it was a compliment.
3. Michael "driving" home. And by driving home I mean getting so drunk he fell asleep sitting up on the couch therefore not being able to drive home.
4. Jenna and I arguing about how my boots did not constitute as a heel and should be allowed in the house. IT IS MY WHOLE OUTFIT!
5. Scott getting picked last by the Flip Cup Captains and not understanding why.
6. Scott sucking at Flip Cup and still not understanding why. 
7. Stephaine telling Paula she was univited to Eadsfest 2010 if she didn't say it was a tie.... in round 22 of Flip Cup.
8. Paula threatening to whoop Stephaine's ass...again....like she did at Eadfest. I had the bruises to prove it.
9. Did you know the average married couple has sex 84 times a year?
10. Stephaine justifying her 9 dollar drink by ordering the cheapest food on the menu. Priorities people!