Christmas Cookies with Aunt Shannon

>> Sunday, December 06, 2009

This weekend we headed back to Gastonia for the second weekend in a row (second of four trips we have planned there in the next few weeks!) Aunt Shannon wanted to decorate Christmas Cookies with the girls and we had a Birthday Party to attend.

I thought this was going to be hilarious as one of Lily's favorite words is "cookie" and it is also her favorite food. She often wonders around the house or bangs on the pantry door inquiring to the location of her box of cookies. We actually have to be really careful not to leave the pantry door cracked as she will help herself to the box and its contents. So "decorating" cookies vs. "eating" cookies was going to be difficult. But she did great. The bowl of icing may have provided adequate distraction. But she colored the cookies though she didn't ice them. Next year I think this is going to be even better.

Morgan offered to share her cookie with me!

Lily proceeded to dip her hand into the icing and started eating it by the handfuls. My only thought was "at least I am not watching her tonight." Gail graciously offered to watch her while we went to our party. So if you want to pump her full of sugar then have at it. Plus she was having so much fun!

Yummy Icing!

But Shannon also found these markers that are for decorating cakes and cookies. So then Lily knew what to do. She is an expert colorer.

So Much Fun!

Lily then decided to eat the marker...notice the blue pen mark in her mouth. I am glad to report it washed right off so I would recommend these to people with kids...naked kids because I cannot vouch for it coming out of clothes but she was not blue mouthed the next morning.

Aunt Shannon and Mimi also surprised the girls with Advent Christmas Cookie Trees. We were stoked that Lily's was hot pink. Absolutely perfect! There are mini cookies tied to the tree that symbolize each day of December until Christmas. So cute! I put it in her room and I am sure she will be thrilled with a cookie a day for the holiday season!

I hope this becomes a new family tradition and it will get more and more fun as the girls get older!