Weekend Update

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

We had a busy weekend. It started on Saturday with a much deserved pampering day. I woke up and went to Jolie's in Cameron village for a facial and a pedicure. Pregnancy has reeked havoc on my skin so it was nice and relaxing. My only complaint about that was lying on back and some nerve pain during the process. But some wiggling got me comfortable enough to relax. My pedicure was nice as well...since I can no longer reach my toes very well it was nice for someone to spruce them up. After that I went to N. Raleigh to get a prenatal massage from a girlfriend of mine. It was awesome! For the first time in months I was relaxed and comfortable for at least a few hours. A funny prequel to this story is Michael shaving my legs the night before. I was embarrassed to get a massage all hairy, and its so hard to reach the bottom of my legs without some acrobatics involved. He is so sweet and he did a good job! I could get used to this...

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday was spent spring cleaning (nesting anyone?). I cleaned out all of our second story closets and drawers and organized a lot of areas, including our diseaster of a closet. I got a lot done! But boy Sunday when I laid down to go to bed I was hurting. I am still paying for it today. But it was worth it. Michael started some spring yard work. He cut back our millions of crete mrytles and raked. Today he is doing the first mowing of the year in prep of this weekends activities.

Today I am going to a consignment sale after work. Hopefully I will rack up on some goodies for the Princess. I also have a shower this weekend that I am super excited about. I have a lot of people migrating from Gtown to come. So the rest of the week will be preparing for all of our people to come in. I can't wait to see everyone.