Here comes Peter Cottontail...

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

That song is currently charred into my memory. The only way to get it out is to look at these adorable pictures of Lily. We have reached a major milestone in the Eads Household. We have overcome our fear of giant mythical creatures. Or at least one of them.

Lily is all about the idea of the characters such as Elmo as long as they are on TV or in the distance,  but when the giant version of them approaches it is not such a pleasant experience. 

Exhibit A: Grover petrified her. 

But now we have had a change of heart! It was all sunny days and smiles when the giant bunny was spotted. "Easter Bunny HOP HOP HOP!" She talked about him and then even allowed us to set her on his lap.
She was so precious and intrigued by the Easter Bunny. This really was a sweet deal. Crabtree Valley Mall sponsored a 'Breakfast with the Easter Bunny' event. They provided breakfast for the kids (chicken minis from ChickFilA and muffins from Panera Bread) and a magician/clown combo. For the finale the Giant Easter Bunny came out for pictures. The kids even got a goody bag packed with coupons to all the kids stores in the mall (sacastic thanks from all the parents) a highlighter from Kanki (???) the Japanese steakhouse, and these adorable bunny ears. Best part? This was completely FREE! That included the pictures we were allowed to take. We didn't even have to stand in the horrible mall line and buy overpriced pictures! 
We met my friend (and fellow Chi Omega) at the mall. This is the best duo shot I got. Roman was not overly happy about the Easter bunny.
Check out The Roop Group blog if you get an extra second. Roman is a babydoll!

Or at least Lily thought so. This is the stud moving in for a kiss! I didn't get the actually lip lock but I did get the prequel! Don't worry Roman survived the experience despite Michael's protest.
She was in such a good mood the whole morning! 
The BEST Picture of her! PS totally got this dress for 5 dollars on consignment
Lily we are so proud of you...even Daddy hasn't gotten over his fear of Giant Mythical Characters!