Martha Rivers Easter Egg Hunt

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This weekend we took Lily to see her cousin Morgan. The girls are starting to get so close and fun to hang out with it! When did that happen? Most times I look at them and think about all the trouble they will get it when they are older and I just can't wait. But other times I look at them and think how the hell people with twins do it. Whew. This Momma is tired! 

As you can see this was a very complicated easter egg hunt. Hundreds of eggs were "hidden" everywhere. By hidden I mean tossed into the grass. Even well laid plans fail sometimes. For example, lets get all the five and under kids to hunt together. Fail. There is a BIG difference between an almost two year old and a five year old. Not to even throw in the biggest five :cough cough NINE: year old I have ever seen RUNNING and getting every egg out from underneath the kids. Saw her later pissed off and throwing her eggs back out. hahaha! 

Basically Lily didn't get one egg.  Oh well. Luckily Mommy and Daddy let you cheat and grab a couple before the actual hunt started. Remember we will always take care of you! 

I don't think Morgan liked the hunt as much as Lily. But I don't think it was the hunt Lily was crazy about, more like the fact she was outside and it was beautiful. 

They had a real bunny the kids could pet. Lily wasn't too sure about that part. 

But what a surprise when the Easter Bunny showed up too! Lily gave him (her??)  five.
Mommy and Lily!
Up until this weekend Lily really only talks about MiMi, Paw and Cousin Morgan. But now I haven't stopped hearing about Aunt Tanya. Where's Aunt Tanya, Night Night Tanya, Call Tanya. What was she doing slipping her candy when I wasn't looking. I mean I fed Morgan a whole bag of Reese Pieces, is she talking about me?

Morgan's cousin cute! He was so well behaved..I actually don't think I saw him misbehave once.
Will...the boy Lily and Morgan will be fighting over in about twelve years. Watch out ladies that is real camo he is wearing there.

Lily loves riding on shoulders now. Unfortunately she is way to heavy for me these days. But Uncle Brent didn't seem to mind! 

And neither did I as long as I got to hold this cutie! 
No Babies No Babies...look away from the cuteness! 
Remember what I said about people with Twins? I think this man could obviously handle it.

mmmm we didn't quite figure out how to get all three on the lap. Triplets?? Ha!
I love these Sassy Pics! 

It was such a nice day and the kids were so good. Martha Rivers Park in Gastonia, NC is so nice. If you are ever in the area check it out!
Coming Soon: Great Wolf Lodge Review!


Trish March 30, 2010 at 2:50 PM  

I love her bunny sweater...adorable!

Don't worry momma, she will get the hang of it soon...and ALL the eggs will be hers! :O)