McFatty Monday

>> Monday, March 15, 2010

McFatty March continues! I am quite proud that in two weeks I have lost six pounds. In that two weeks I have went on a vacation to DC that involved over eating and over consumption, and completely ditched the diet last Saturday and dived into Mexican Chips like nobody's business. . That popped me back up four (okay almost five!) pounds that I have already lost. It was kind of discouraging because if I hadn't been so bad in DC I would be down almost 11 pounds. But it was worth it.

One of the biggest things that seems to be helping me is the branching out in foods. I am not a big seafood eater but over the last few weeks I have really been trying to loosen that up and try some new things. We have started eating Mahi Mahi a lot and last night we had shrimp. On Friday night I tried scallops and I have some Tilapia in the freezer to make this week. This helps so much! Fish is so lean and low cal. It is packed with protien so a little goes a long way. If I cheat a little one day I always eat fish or a salad for dinner. It kind of evens out the playing field! I hate fishy fish so all these are not fishy. I promise. They are more....light fluffy chicken? It is hard to explain. But the point is that branching out is a good thing!

It is really warming up so I would like to keep up with walking more. I love this spring weather. Although not so much this spring forward time change. I am pretty sure that hour was latched onto my soul. Which would explain why I am dragging today.


Blair March 16, 2010 at 9:15 AM  


You're right - fish is so good! I wish I could eat it (I'm allergic), but kudos to you for a) branching out and b) losing weight!