13 weeks

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

Well this has been a pretty good week other than a run in with pink eye. Yes pink eye, the annoying infection I thought only rugrats carried around. Thanks go out to my lovely co worker that infested me! And not just in one eye but both. So I missed a day of work, for which I had no vacation left and got to stay home and watch lifetime all day.

To be more specific I watched "A Baby Story" and "Bringing Home Baby." I have decided no more baby story because it really just makes me cry or cringe over the birthing process. Furthermore, bringing home baby just confirmed the fact that I will not get any sleep or relaxation during my whole maternity leave so I may as well just not watch that show either. Both shows left me in tears and sadly I don't think I can blame it on hormones. Mainly because I have always been a bit of a softy.

We did get the results of our first trimester blood screen back yesterday. The news was excellent and I will be passing on the second trimester testing. Although I sounded so confident in my last post a pregnancy friend recently told me her horrifying experience with false positives and this test so I was convinced I would be part of the percentage that this happened too. But alas all is well. This test only gives you percentages but even for the statistically challenged like myself the numbers were good.

This week I have been trying to adapt to sleeping on my left side which has left me a little unrested and cranky in the morning. I do have a body pillow which is helping in the debacle but my back and shoulder are not feeling much relief. Of course my rest is also being interrupted by a snoring spouse. Putting the body pillow over his face doesn't really mask the sound either.....Oh I miss my first trimester exhaustion that let me sleep so well only a full bladder could awake me!