Ken's Korny Korn Maze!

>> Friday, October 02, 2009

Last weekend we spent the night at our usual Friday Night hang out at ChickFilA and then to spice it up a bit we swung by Ken's Produce in Garner for their famous Corn Maze. We have lived in the area for four years and every year we want to do the Corn Maze but we never get around to it. One year we made it there and then decided to do the haunted trail instead. But not this year. We even suckered in the Bauers to go with us.

What fun! We went at night to make it that much tougher. I will tell you at first I didn't think we were every going to make it out of there. It took us 45 minutes to get through the first section. That section had VERY tall corn and was really dark. oooo sppppoooooky. To tell you the truth it was a little creepy. But then we got the hang of it and started splitting up a bit to find the right course. We got through the last three sections in the time it took us to get through the first.

Optimistic before we started!
You have to carry a flag with you through the maze in case you can't get out. Basically a surrender flag. Of course Scott picked out the gayest one he could find.

I think we found a small patch of light to snap this pic.
Brooke held up like a champ considering she still hasn't recovered from the first trimester sleepiness. Lily did too! She fell asleep after I covered her up. She just wheeled around in the stroller and chilled. No crying or anything. But I will admit I tried to talk Michael out of the stroller and letting her run through it with us. Bad Call. Luckily Michael won that fight because I would have been regretting that.

You can't tell it but she had fun. Until she fell asleep. Although at my age I think sleep is fun.
Scott even practiced for his upcoming adventure!

We had a lot of fun. I wish it was haunted though. But they said it has something to do with insurance. DANG insurance companies ruining everyone's fun.

We would go back so if you are in the area try it out!

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