Rave Review: Off Brand Cookies

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

It is hard economic times and I find myself cutting out the things that once just fell into the buggy like the magic money man was going to pay for them. Like liquid laundry detergent, and Charmin Extra Extra Extra Soft. Much to my husbands dismay I have tried many areas of home comfort to pinch a few pennies. Many unsuccessful.

First there was the cheaper toilet paper. But it said it was Charmin! How was I to know that the "Basic" written behind the Charmin indicates it can also be used as sandpaper. I am still working on finding a cheaper solution in this area. I am thinking fall will provide us with a lot of extra leaves to take advantage of.

Second we tried the cheaper paper towels. See above. Except in this case the "basic" stands for it takes four sheets to do what one used to do. But I saved five dollars! Alas I am simply trying to conserve in this area. I don't find this difficult my husband unfortunately has a fear of hand towels.

But then there was Lowes' Brand Animal Cookies. They lured me in with a Buy one Get on FREE sign. How is a girl to resist? I mean you GET ONE FREE! And they are for Lily...she'll never know the difference right?

But then there was this nasty little creature called PMS that came to visit. Every time this awful visit occurs it turns Mommy into the Hoover vacuum cleaner with any sweet stuff in sight. At desperate times she too must eat the Lowes' Brand Animal Cookies and...

They were delicious. Very crisp and lemony. A refreshing change. Yummy in my tummy. And it wasn't just me Michael agreed. The same man that threatened my life if I came home with the cheap toilet paper again. He devoured the box and asked for more. Of course he doesn't know I got one whole box free...and they are in a secret place....that may or may not be in the pantry behind the dog food....

So lessened learned? Trial and error. Not all those awful off brand or Basic adventures have to bad. It is hard work saving money and there are a lot of butts to wipe in this house which means lots of toilet paper. I am willing to try each one by one until I find that special one that brightens my day like an off brand lemon animal cookie. Now where did I hide the buy one get one free chocolate bars....