>> Monday, October 26, 2009

I really am not sure how Child Services has not been at my door yet. You would think that I beat my child as many bumps and bruises she gets. Tripping her, falling there, etc. But this weekend we had a new experience....blood.

The joy of having a little girl is we don't have to worry about dare devil tactics or crazy stunts. But we do have to worry about tripping over objects, or falling in a pair of heels. And Lily seems to have inherited her Mamas clumsiness.

This weekend while at Grandma and Paws she tripped over a pair of shoes into their coffee table. Paw and I were sitting right there so I scooped her up and started rocking her through the shrieking. We all saw it and Michael was like "it isn't that bad, she barely hit." I am thinking yeah right she busted her face that never feels good.

So I am rocking and rocking and then I lean her back to give her a kiss and there it is. My little babies blood all over her chin. I admit my heart felt like someone ripped it out of my chest. "Oh my god there is blood. Michael she is bleeding, she is bleeding!" Yeah I panicked and there were many failed attempts to see if she knocked out a tooth. But in the end it was just a busted lip. It was big and purple almost immediately.

But as most of you know we always do the cookie test. If she eats the cookie and stops crying she is fine. She is fine. She passed except it was with a Popsicle, that she quickly lost interest in and Mommy HAD to finish. It is rough being a Mom.....



Nicole Faby October 26, 2009 at 2:34 PM  

LOL... you would not survive my son! We have stock in mederma for kids and blood happens at least everyother week! If they havent come to my house yet you are good to go!

Sharla & Jackson October 26, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

I am totally stealing the "cookie" test!!!