>> Monday, October 19, 2009

We headed to Williamsburg, VA this weekend to celebrate Michael's 30th birthday with his favorite activity...amusement parks! Yes this is what we do with all of our big events. Well by all I mean this birthday and our honeymoon. But really I equate him turning thirty to our wedding...a death day! haha. No really that is our joke. The day we got married is the day the cool people died.

We got a great deal on the trip since it is their off season. Not only did we get a cheap weekend pass they were having their Halloween special events as well. So we headed to the park for a family fun weekend.

On Friday we did the park with jus the three of us. A nice change of pace. Lily was so good and could ride just about everything! I was shocked. She cried to do the roller coaster but I had to explain to her that it just wasn't going to happen.

As you can tell she had a blast! It was cold and although I look happy in this picture the extreme cold mixed with water in a wobbly boat containing a jumping toddler and a oversized adult was no appealing. It was worth her giggles though. Look at that look of excitement!

They had a Sesame Street section that had some fun rides and the boat pictured above. But even more fun was the character Halloween show they had out in the courtyard. She was dancing (aka bobbing up and down) when I snapped this picture.

I swear Michael rode rides with her too but alot of them were tight so I got to go in the smaller ones. We were to chicken to send her in the ones that she had to go by herself. Yes I know lets send a squirmy toddler that can unbuckle straps into rides that go up in the air! SMART!

Friday night the rest of our crew showed up. We were joined by Grandma, Aunt Linda, Aunt Tanya, Uncle Wayne and Cousin Morgan. Then our good friends Phil, Steve and Michele joined us too!

There is no photographic proof Phil was with us but I swear he was! I felt sorry for our friends because everything takes twice as long with two toddlers in tow. But they were good sports and the kids didn't stay with us long before we shipped them off with Grandma to do the big kid rides.

One big downturn of the weekend was the weather. IT WAS COLD!!! BBBBRRRRRRRRR. Then smart Wayne only brought shorts....and his leather jacket. WTF? Who brings a leather jacket and shorts. Well Tanya and Wayne had to take a three hour detour out of the park to go get some clothes at the local Walmart. As you can imagine we picked on him most of the weekend about his wardrobe choice, among other things. That is why Michael "packs himself" which means I go behind him and make sure he has apporpriate attire.

Poor Morgan in the wind! The picture makes me giggle a little though. She looks like she is in a tornado!

Lily was bundled up but it didn't really help her hands. They were bright red most of the weekend!

Not really sure what Ernie is dressed up as but he was fun!

Finley's shot

Grandma with Da Eads

Grandma with the Grandbabies!

Cousin shot. They never ever ever cooperate to take a pic so we had to pull the parents in the picture. One is always happy while the other is screaming. I am looking forward to the days of getting cute shots of them!

Big Pumpkin!

This pretty much sums up our Sunday trip to watch the Seasame Street Show and lunch. Lily is still terrified of the characters if they get too close. This might be the best picture of the trip!

I tried to show her Elmo was her friend and practiced taking pictures with them.

But this is the best we could do. Elmo sat down next to us so she would calm down. It only half worked but still a cute picture with her teary face.

Still Crying....

They pulled Michael and Tanya on stage for their birthdays and did a celbration Conga Line! Whew have you tried to carry a 25 lb toddler through a five minute Conga line? Exhausting! Oh it was up and down stairs too.

Happy Birthday Tanya!

Daddy's turn to squeeze into the minature boat. Watching him get out was quite entertaining.

Elmo was far enough away not to get tears. But she kept saying "bye bye Elmo" if we got too close.

We had a great time. I cried on one roller coaster because I was scared. I got off with mascara running down my face. We got to drink Beer in the park. AWESOME! We went through lots of haunted mazes where I screamed and embarrassed myself at least a half dozen times. And I got back on the roller coaster and almost cried again. Then we came home and I passed out like a champ. Three days of the park all day! Saturday from noon until almost midnight and we are all paying for it this week. But we had a blast and can't wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone that came I hope you had fun!


Trish October 20, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

Looks like you guys had a great time.

I love roller coasters! That is one thing I could not wait to get on as soon as I gave birth to our son!!

Come by and get an entry in for my "Pay It Forward" giveaway!!!

Susan October 20, 2009 at 4:19 PM  

Just wanted to let you know that I just laughed my butt off! :-)

Great Post!