>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You know what parenthood has brought me? Becoming one of those people I hate. You know the ones. The ones that RSVP to your wedding and don't show after you paid 50+ bucks a head IN ADVANCE! Or the person that you invited over on Saturday and they told you they would let you know on Friday night if they were coming.

Seriously how could I have let this happen? I am better than this. I now let Lily's "mood" decide what we are going to be doing this weekend.

Case in point. We were invited to go Trick or Treating with our friends the Bakers on Saturday. Then we were invited to not one but TWO Halloween Parties. I want to go to all three. I have yet to tell any of the hostesses if I am coming to any of them. Even though they have all asked and the most I can give them is a "Maybe?" :Sigh: I suck on all levels. Because I know just because I "want" to go doesn't mean it is going to happen. What will most likely happen? We will go Trick or Treating with the Bakers for the fun kids stuff and then she will pass out and the adult parties will be adios and gone with the wind.

But I swear I won't do this for your weddings.....there is more than a bowl of pretezels on the line for that.