Flawed Life: Flaming Dryer!

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last week I stayed home one day because I had a funky virus. To help with the guilt I felt for staying home I decided to try and get some things done around the house. Mainly laundry. Oh boy what I could have avoided if I just would have kept my sick butt on the couch.

So I get up to check if the clothes are dry. When I open the dryer I see a "light" that I don't usually see. Upon further inspection, aka leaning my lazy ass down I see FLAMES! Holy Moly! I stand there bewildered at what to do. Then realize my favorite shirt is in there so logically the most important thing to do is yank it out. Oh wait maybe I should yank all the clothes out.

I am looking down at my clean clothes laying on my not so clean dog hair invested floor and am still at a loss of what to do. OOOhhhh I know I should totally take a picture of this for my blog. No one will believe me! Focus! Do you pour water into it to get it out? They will short it out. I don't own a fire extinguisher. Mmmm maybe I should buy one of those. OH I should probably unplug it! Ewww wait that means I have to get near the flames! Scratch that. What to do What to do.

Oh call Michael he always knows what to do!

I should mention that this thought process is all occurring while I am standing next to the dryer that still has FLAMES in the back of it.

TURn THE BREAKER OFF! I AM THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! So I run out and do that quite pleased with my ability to think under pressure.

By the time I get back in the house the flames are out. Crisis averted. Call Michael...Check. Google causes...Check. Facebook for suggestions... Check.

Apparently you need to clean the lint out of your back grate every once in awhile. Yeah I have been doing laundry for fifteen years and no one ever told me that. No I don't mean the lint trap but the actually back spinner thingy.

When Michael gets home he assesses the situation and gets his dandy screwdriver to tackle our lint problem. I mean that is his job to put out fires and do all the gross stuff I refuse to do.

I leave him to his tools and proceed to climb back on the couch for a little Glee. Fast Forward twenty minutes and I mosey on back into the laundry room to find...

The back, top, and front of the dryer all unscrewed and lying on the floor.

Michael: Steph, you can't get to the grate from the back like I thought and you have to take off the sides...blah blah blah (I quit listening.)
Steph: Didn't you see the three screws on the grate that pop it off???
Michael: Oh

:Sigh: How do men make it through day to day life without us? But it gets better. Because he has unscrewed every possible surface on the dryer it now needs to reassembled. That is always the tricky part isn't it. You take it apart put it back together only to find a random piece lying on the floor when your done. Only to discover the piece was not so random.

Michael puts it back together and then starts it up.


Well that is not right. Take apart put back together. Restart

CLUMP CLUMP CLUMP BBEEEEPPPPPPPPEEEE Que screeching dying sound and then.....


Yeah I am going to kill somebody. This is my only thought. This is why I can't have a personal handgun. Because in situations like this I would kill my husband. The frustration is too much so you drink a beer and start over the next night.

To sum up this story he fixed it after having an epiphany about gravity and how with the washer on its back it wouldn't be working against him. I think I should give him credit that he remembered this and ultimately figured it out in his own special way.

And my dryer is fixed and drying clothes as we speak.

And no that is not my dryer in the picture but in the google search to find it I did learn how to make a do it yourself flame thrower.



Trish October 12, 2009 at 3:14 PM  

Girl I would have freaked out!!!!!

Those flames are HUGE!!!!

Note to self: Clean out lint trap after each load...CHECK


A++++to your quick thinking...I never know what to when I get to the breaker box. There are WAY too many switchy things in there!