Happy 30th Birthday Michael

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I wrote Lily a letter on her birthday so it is only fair that I write you one as well.

Dear Michael,

Today is a big milestone! I don't care what anyone says we have always thought thirty was old. I am just being honest. But now I bet it seems like it has come up so fast that there is no way you have been on this earth that long.

I hope you have done everything you set out to do. If not I hope I can help you towards that. I think we all have goals. By the time I am thirty I will have won the lottery and will have met a really hot chick that thinks I am awesome. Well Babe you can check one off your list! Because I think you rock!

I know we don't have an exciting life. But we have one I think is full of joy. I hope you agree. We have a wonderful family, gracious friends, a home to call our own, and a daughter that obviously thinks you hung the moon even if it is only from the Goodnight Moon book. I want to do everything I can to make your next thirty years even more joyful.

I think we should take a moment and talk about your awesomeness. It is your day after all.

Lets see a list is always a good way to see how great (or bad) things are. How about a top 15?

1. You graduated high school: oooooo that is a good one in our part of town.
2. You graduated college with honors despite having Brent and Steve as roommates.
3. You SURVIVED living with Brent and Steve. Or at least your liver did.
4. You married a pretty cool wife.
5. You landed a job straight out school.
6. You moved up in the job....see someone else thinks your awesome too!
7. You got your PE license, and studied and passed with a preggo wife.
8. You knocked up your wife, hey you should get to brag about having good swimmers!
9. Your baby girl is a spitting image of you. This might not be awesome for her when she gets older though. Facial hair is not attractive on a woman.
10. You survived the first year of parenthood. Barely.
11. You've been to Europe
12. You've been skydiving and down a pretty awesome river.
13. You bought a house.
14. You have won two beer olympics
15. You managed to survive almost a decade with me and everyone should give you props for that!

Hey I don't think you have done half bad! I am impressed. Even if I am a little biased.

So baby I hope you have a great birthday. I swear in the last year you have never been healthier and hotter so I guess you are like a fine wine that gets better with age. But remember...you'll always be older than me and that is all you have to remind me of to keep me happy! And we all know as long as I am happy you will be too :)

Your Hot Wife