Sometimes I think I am the worst parent ever....or the slowest

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

This weekend I managed to lose my child twice within five minutes. Basically this is equivalent to having a mini heart attack back to back.

We were running through the yard and I was all like "Come on Lily lets go in!" as Michael walked in the house through the garage leaving the door open for us to enter. I turned the corner and when I looked behind me she wasn't following. When I peeped back around the corner to encourage her to follow she was no where to be found! EEK! I am running around the house screaming her name and OH there she is. That little stinker is FAST! She has decided she was not done swinging and had booked it into the backyard in 0.2 seconds.

So I scoop her up and scold her for giving MaMa a fright and we head into the back door. I set her down and let my heart return to a normal pace and blabbered at Michael how I almost died when I didn't see her around the corner. She is running around like she didn't almost send Mommy into early retirement. I sit to calm down. But then I hear it....

Nothing at all. Quiet. This is never good. I head into the kitchen and poke around. "Lily..." Then I see it. The garage door is still wide open and then I REALLY SEE IT. She is tottering down the stairs head first. This is the moment when you know to be dead silent for fear of scaring her and dealing with the proceeding brain damage. I grab her as her head is pointing down towards the concrete floor.

SERIOUSLY! In five minutes I think I died twice. Crisis averted. My Mommy ears saved the day. It just proves that as a Mother you adapt to all the baby noise. The silence was abnormal which equals trouble. And who knew she could climb DOWN stairs?

I think the record should show that this is all Micheal's fault. He did leave the door open.....



Trish October 12, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

Don't feel bad. it doesn't get any better when they get older. Kyle is 13 and when I turn around and don't see him behind me in the mall or store I start to panic...then I think...oh, that's right.....he stayed at home....


Stay tuned for more Mommy Brain Moments to come!!!