Rough Week for LilyBug

>> Friday, October 02, 2009

Our poor child has had a rough week. So we should start at the beginning since the beginning is the best place to start. Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch in Youngsville, NC which was amazing. We were meeting Nicole Faby to do a photoshoot for our Christmas card. Early I know. More pics to come on that soon.

I had planned on spending the whole day at Hillridge farms with all the fun kiddie stuff they had to offer. The day started out really good. The weather was fabulous. Lily was not being very cooperative with Nicole though. So took a break and had a picnic at the farm and then went and fed the fishies.

Now a note about the fish. They must dye the water blue. It was a strange blue although pretty. But you couldn't see the fish because the water was cloudy from the previous night's rain storm. I was skeptical about the pond actually being stocked until.....


The biggest freaking catfish jumped out of the water and swallowed my measly piece of bread like it was a crumb. I might have nightmares about these fish one day. The were so big they splashed me and the dock with water! It reminded me of the nuclear fish on the Simpsons. That would explain the odd color of the water.

This cheered her up a bit so we continued onto the pumpkin patch for some more shots. Yet she was still not cooperating. Sigh. So we gave up. Michael just let her run and play in the pumpkin patch like kids should. Then Craig got on one side and Michael on the other to do our fun swinging game.

Michael counted "one....two....." Cue Lily ripping her hand out of Craig's "THREE" and Michael swings unaware that Craig no longer has her hand and then....


Yes her elbow pops out of joint from the force of being swung one armed. Screams proceeded. There are advantages to having a best friend/godmother who is a pediatrician. Meg immediately examined her and was like "oh it is just Nursemaid Elbow" then she popped it back in.

I wish my anxiety popped back in as easily. Michael was worse than me. He was beside him self and felt awful. Especially since she continued to cry after Meg fixed it and acted like it was sore until the next day's mid afternoon. Needless to say the Eads Household will not be swinging Lily by her arms.

To give you a little background from

Nursemaid elbow is a common injury among preschool-aged children. In fact, review articles cite it as the most common orthopedic injury in children under 2 years of age. Nursemaid elbow refers to a condition (medically called radial head subluxation) in which the normal anatomical alignment of two of the three bones which form the elbow joint is disrupted. Girls are more commonly affected than boys; the left arm is more often injured than the right. This is thought to be secondary to the likelihood of the parent being right-handed (and thus most frequently pulling their child's left hand). The injury can occur innocently from swinging a young child by the arms or pulling a child's arm while in a hurry.

Rough Day. She just wasn't right. And we didn't get to finish all the pumpkin patch fun. We might try and go back before the season is over to finish the fun but if not this is definitely a new family tradition.

On Tuesday she fell at daycare while pushing a dump truck and got a black eye.

Then on Wednesday she was running a fever all day for no apparent reason. The rest of the week has been exhausting with lots of crying and drama. She did not eat lunch at daycare for two days, which an Eads not eating lunch equals bad juju. It all points to her two year molars coming in but it is not fun. Not fun at all.

Here is hoping our weekend shows some improvements.....