Who Doesn't like a Good Party?!

>> Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This was the weekend of Birthdays. On Saturday we went to my niece Morgan's First Birthday. Yay! I have to admit it is kind of sad. I swear I saw her last weekend and she was taking a few steps here and there but she was still a little baby. THEN this weekend I go to her party and she is walking clear across the room and isn't a baby anymore. She has lost that baby look and now looks like a little girl. Awww. I don't want my girls to grow up.

We had a good time at the party. Lily was really good. No melt downs and she had a total of about an hour of sleep between 7:30 and 4:30. Morgan was so good for her first birthday. She wasn't to interested in the cake or the presents but she much like Lily didn't sleep either so I guess we were lucky they didn't just scream the whole time. Morgan just stuck delicate fingers in the cake and licked some icing. Very Ladylike. No smashing. Her birthday shirt came out with not a spot on it. I am not even sure how that happened.
Lily enjoying Morgan's Birthday present with Renee

On Sunday I headed back to Raleigh while Michael stayed in Charlotte to go to the Wachovia Golf Tournament with his Dad. I needed to get back to make it to Jaxon's birthday party. Well it was an interesting car ride to say the least. Funny and frustrating all in the same trip.

I will start with the funny:
So Lily much like her Momma is a car sleeper. She was sound asleep for the first two hours of the trip. I don't normally have her traveling for long distances in the car alone. Not only did I have her but I had the three dogs in the far back as well. Because I am not alone I have not had the unique problem of going to the bathroom while traveling with her alone. Michael has told me he has done it so I figure...hey if he can do it surely supermom can do it. So I had to wake her from her peaceful slumber before my bladder imploded from the Diet Dr Pepper binge I had on the first leg of the trip.

Well let me tell you being a man has its benefits. Like peeing while standing. Just imagine holding a 22lb baby, "hovering", trying not to pee on yourself, the floor, or the baby and trying to not let her pull the toilet paper off the roll, touch the floor or flail out of your arms! Not easy. How I did it I am not sure. All I know that the toilet seat did not make it out unscathed. But we survived. I did get many pitiful looks from the women in the rest area though.

Mission accomplished. We head back to the car and as I am putting her in the seat she does not seem happy. I am not sure what gave it away...the dirty look or the shrilling screams of being placed back in her seat. But she spotted the dogs in the back and that cheered her up....for a few minutes.

At this point we are in Burlington so a little over an hour from my house. She is SCREAMING! this goes on for thirty minutes and I finally pull over when I can't take it anymore. Then I felt really guilty for not stopping sooner because she apparently bit her lip in her tantrum and it was bleeding a little. What a horrible mother I am! I felt so bad. So I pulled her out and just rocked her and held her for a minute. She had the crying hiccups and just laid her head on my chest and kinda whimpered. It was so pitiful. I felt awful. But I had to get home so I put her back. She wasn't in tantrum mode but continued to whine the last thirty minutes of the trip.

We FINALLY made it home and I made her a quick lunch and we headed to the park to go to Jaxon's birthday party. It was in a shelter right next to a playground so Lily was happy to have a swing and that entertained her. The Bakers were there so I got to play with Aubrey and blow bubbles with the girls. Lily seemed indifferent but Aubrey chased them and laughed. We only hung out about 1.5 hours. Lily still hadn't slept so we headed home after the cake. By the way Jaxon smashed his. Good Job Jaxon. He was so cute and getting big running around much like Morgan. Hopefully or not so hopefully that will be Lily on her birthday.

She did fall asleep on the way home and stayed that way for awhile so I got some house stuff done before Michael got home that night. But she was bathed and sleeping before he even made it back into town. Thank goodness!