ENT Update

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

By the way I am a blogging star today! Catching up left and right. It helps that today is really slow at work because of the upcoming holiday. The highlight of my day has been the bag of sunflower seeds I brought to munch on.

We took Lily to the ENT after my "I have had enough" phone call last week. Dr. Clark started with "well I wish we would have known...this is highly unusual" Apparently we should not have listened to the paediatrician and should have brought her in after the first one. Of course the current infection was gone after the ten day course of Augement (sp!). And she was fit as a fiddle. But the next course is going to be ear irrigation. Basically flushing her ears out twice a day with a water/vinegar solution. The giving the drops to help clear the gunk and infection. I am interested to see how horrible this idea is. Obviously he has not tried to hold her down for ear drops let alone ear flushing! Not gonna happen. Hey at least it is only one ear not both!

Then if she continues to get them we will discuss Adenoid removal. He said she was too young for that the first time around, but now it would be an option. So the basis behind that being that A) the adenoids can hold bacteria which lead to infection and B) they can be enlarged and pushing on her Eustachian tube. I am leaning towards B since my husbands family (him included) have GINORMOUS tonsils which probably means large adenoids too.

So the appointment itself was kinda worthless but he said the first sign of infection to call him back and they would get us in within a day. I am betting Dr. Clark will see us next week.