Mother's Day Reflecting

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

While getting my super relaxing massage I was reminiscing about the past year and all the great memories I have devoured over Lily's first eleven months. I decided to reflect a little and share what have been my most cherished memories thus far.

1. Holding Lily for the first time. I remember getting her and thinking "wow she is heavier than I thought" She still had the eye treatment on so she didn't look at me but I could tell she knew who I was and she was so calm and peaceful. Very powerful memory that feels just like it happened yesterday. I remember looking at Michael and watching him tear up at our meeting.

2. Her taking her first steps. This was an awesome feeling. And it really did only happen a week or so ago. Michael was standing in the doorway of our living room watching us and she was against the couch standing and just let go and took a few steps towards me. I cried I was so happy! We were both there and so proud. It doesn't get any better.

3. First Christmas. I set her down in Grandma's living room and she saw the Pooh train and immediately started crawling for it! Excited! And how can we forget her extreme interest in wrapping paper and not most of the toys we got her. To top it off this was the Christmas of Mommy's first Coach bag. Or at least first real one :) O remember feeling the true spirit of Christmas again and realizing it was okay that it was going to be about her from now on. That is an extreme feeling for an only child (hey I am just being honest!)

4. Rolling over for the first time. It was just me. Michael was at Mike's Bachelor Party so this memory is bittersweet. But it was in her nursery and she just kicked right over. Got that one on Video! So Daddy did get to see it at least. But that is when I realized she wasn't going to be small forever. It just hit me out of nowhere.

5. First smile. Aaahh Maternity leave when Lily and I would chill in the bed until at least nine thirty...snoozing and playing. She was sitting on my lap and just started smiling at my singing. She was about eight weeks. I felt like the smile was just for me. I worked hard for that smile with many lullabies. It felt like she was saying I love you for the first time.

6. First Laugh. Well it was more of a silent laugh. It was for the blanket Brooke and Scott got her. She still loves that thing. She loved the way it felt and she opened her mouth and squirmed with giggles...but no sound of course. It was adorable! I can still watch that video over and over and it makes me so happy.

I guess this is a list of a lot of firsts. But it has been the year of firsts I guess! Pretty soon it will be a first birthday which I am sure will make this list next Mother's Day.