Memorial Day Weekend 2009

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lily and Mommy on her first Memorial Day!

We had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Three day weekends are the best for getting stuff done, or catching up on sleep. Saturday we went shopping since my dear skinny husband's pants are falling off. I got him a GAP gift card using Credit Card points and let him go to town. After a huge debate in the dressing room about the trendiness of button fly jeans I talked him into a few new pair of pants and a new GAP polo in a non traditional Michael color. He wasn't happy about the button fly but I swore to him they were hot. We got stuff for Lily at the Gymboree outlet. I love that store. They have the cutest kids clothes. The sad part is we were buying her 18-24 month clothes from there. She has got suck a big belly! So shirts any smaller ride up on her belly. Luckily it is summer so we can pull off the shorts in those sizes as well. All the pants would be way to long if not.

Then on Sunday we did some house/yard stuff. Including planning what we wanted to do to the yard before Lily's Bday. Which is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Scary.

We did goof off a little and snap some pictures. These are from Friday. She is so cute in her piggy tails.

She is so silly sometime and has become quite the expert as fishy face! She is so happy too. Always clapping and giggling!

My future Cheerleader practicing her leg moves already!

On Sunday night we had a cookout at Brooke and Scott's. We played Jenga. I forgot how awesome that game is and how much more interesting it is if you play it while having a few beers. I will say I later got destroyed in multiple games of Guess Who? as well. But we won't talk about that. I had some bad luck in pulling girl characters. A definite disadvantage in that game. The highlight of the cookout? Scott's awesome burgers. Quite possibly the biggest I have seen and the tastiest. He wouldn't give up the recipe though.

On Monday we woke up and decided to go to Lake Benson to spend some QT. We also brought along Cesna to "possibly" let him go swimming. He needed a bath anyway!

We ate a "picnic" Lunch under the shelter. Can I just say KFC grilled chicken is the bomb...I will be eating those tasty leftovers for lunch today thank you very much. Lily enjoyed it as well. We actually tried to let her eat off a plate and she did very well. We may start practicing more with this. We will have to remain in close proximity to avoid a plate throwing but it is a start.
I love this little travel highchair I got for like twenty five dollars. All Mommy's listen up and buy one. I actually started using this earlier than I think it was made for (6 months?). She couldn't sit very well in highchairs that didn't have highbacks..most restaurants don't. And I was weirded out by germs. BTW totally over that now. But anyhoo. It has come in handy in cases like this or the one time we went to a restaurant that didn't have highchairs...hint hint don't bring your kids? It is awesome and can be used well into toddler years. It seems pretty comfy to her.

Me and You! She just started pointing over the past weekend. So I really want to starting working with her on identifying objects.
After we ate we played on the swings and laid a blanket near the shelter and played. The weather was nice and mild. I was more worried about bugs. Especially since last time we were there I got a tick. Of course Lily wanted off the blanket. She practiced her walking and goofed off with Daddy most of the time.
After blanket fun we decided to show Cesna some love and walk down to the lake. He was looking a little bored. He loves swimming there. As soon as he sees the water he dives right in and starts doing laps.
Bored Cesna. I take it he doesn't like being tied to playground toucans. But his mood improved greatly once we hit the beach.
Of course Cesna's presence attracted some children. But Lily and I just watched Cesna swim. She enjoyed it and kept pulling me towards the water.
Not sure what the face is but it makes me laugh. She kinda looks like she wants to kick the camera's butt. And the way her arms are makes it look like she is showing off the guns.
After the Lake Benson we went to Porter Farms which is right off of Highway 42 for the locals. I had planned on picking strawberries but Lily was passed out in the back seat from all the park excitement so we just stopped and bought some "we pick" buckets. I got a huge bucket of strawberries, a ginourmous zucchini, a sweet onion, and about five or six peaches for under 15 dollars. Can I just say the produce was beautiful. Of course we indulged in a some homemade ice cream while we were there. Porter's has a nice setup I recommend anyone close swinging by to check it out. Not to mention the strawberries are to die for! Just ask Lily....

The aftermath of our strawberry picking. It was even in her hair! Messy Baby shots are the best!
A fun three day weekend to say the least!


Alice May 26, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

You look great in the blue dress photos during your trip! Also, love the owl shirt on Lily! Did you order the owl one from Hollypops? I got Roman the blue owl one..... I will pray her ears get better!! We are off to the Dr's today, hopefully no ear infection!

Susan June 1, 2009 at 10:52 AM  

Hey there! I really like the idea of the traveling high chair. Where did you get it? I went to visit my Aunt's House over memorial weekend in the mountains and had to fed Samantha in my lap. As I'm sure you know, it is darn difficult to get the food to her mouth when she is turned sideways from you! Please let me know! Always prefer a recomendation...Thanks, Susan