Sesame Place

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

During our trip to PA we stopped in Langhorne, PA to visit Sesame Place the Sesame Street amusement park. Sesame Street is the only thing to date that catches Lily's eye on TV. She can be in a dead sleep and she hears Elmo come on and her head pops up and turns to see him. She also has the Elmo Live and a Hokey Pokey Elmo. So needless to say we love Elmo. For that reason I was pumped to head up to the park. Although Michael thought she was a little young I knew she would love it! I actually first heard about the park on Jon and Kate plus 8. On TV it looked nice.

I had been talking about the trip for months. So I was fairly organized. Luckily the weather was nice and warm because come to find out there were a lot of water rides. The park was very small. But not busy at all since we went on a Friday. It was actually so slow that not all the water rides were open. The lady told us they don't staff enough lifeguards early in the season due to volume to open all of them. That was kind of disappointing. But to be honest the two water rides that were open were fun and the water was cold so I wasn't complaining about not having to do more. Lily ate lunch while Michael and I tried those out.

We brought Linda with us to PA to help with Lily since we were both in the wedding. It worked out great and she took tons of pictures so all of these are hers. I realized we never actually took any pictures on 'Sesame Street' the recreation they have in the park. But we did get some fun ones.

We started the day with a breakfast with Big Bird and Elmo and friends. A great way to meet the characters and fuel up for the day. It lets you into the park early as well. Well in hindsight we may have jumped in a little too fast. Whereas Lily carries her Elmo Live around by his eyeball she was a little nervous about the size of real Elmo and Friends. She was cool with the characters at a distance. She watched them very interested. But as soon as we approached one to take a picture or get them to hold her....she had none of it. I think this picture perfectly describes her attitude. Mommy and Daddy smiling and her looking at Zoe like she is crazy!

You can't tell but she is crying here!

I did get a few shots while Linda rode rides with Michael! You can tell Lily's hair is all greasy with suntan lotion. She was having none of the hat wearing either. But isn't this bathing suit adorable!

This is during the Elmo show. Lily is clapping to the music. Funny story of the day is Michael getting peed on. If you look closely you can see it on his leg. As if his face didn't give away his disgust. Apparently swim diapers don't actually hold pee in. Note to self next time don't change her into swim diaper until right before swimming.

She was such a big girl on the carousel. The sad part it I was singing along to the Sesame Street songs...."Who do you know in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood?"

Chilling with The Big Bird!

The only ride I didn't go on. It is sad when the kiddy version of drop zone/Tower of Terror scares you!

We didn't get a picture of the ride but this is the balloon ride that resembled a ferris wheel seat! Needless to say it was a tight squeeze for the three adults and Lily. She seems to have plenty of room!

The equivalent to the Dumbo ride in Disney. I didn't quite master the button pushing. And who knew pig Elmo's could fly! Michael was BeeBopping along though!
Crying again! No surprise. We did have a wardrobe change in between Bert and Ernie due to a juice incident...aka she dumped a whole juice in her lap and sat in it. Juice+diaper=no good.
Our attempts at family pics. Notice her giving the crazy look to both characters. Hey at least she wasn't crying!
I had a great time and she did too. She got to ride a good handful of rides. The place was dead so no long lines! And the weather was perfect. I definitely want to go back. Maybe when she is old enough to enjoy Hershey Park as well. Oooo and the Crayola Factory! Who knew PA would be cool?