First Mother's Day

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

I realized this will actually be Michael's SECOND Father's day but my First Mother's Day. Michael did a good job booked me a spa appointment for Saturday afternoon. Boys take note: the gift part is booking it and making us go. If you get us the gift certificate we will forget and never go! I got a facial, massage, eyebrow wax, and a hair wash/blowdry. He then took me to Mellow Mushroom for pizza and beer on the deck. It was nice outside even when the storm rolled through. Thank you hostess for sitting us under the porch! Although the tin roof + rain = scared baby.

On Sunday I woke up to a late breakfast and Mother's Day cards. Lily was of course clutching her card with excitement. Like she knows it is for me and can't wait to give it to me! My goal of Sunday was to lay on the couch and watch chick flicks all day and do absolutely nothing. Well I didn't get to do that all day but it was still a great Mother's Day. I did clean a little! But I don't think I changed one diaper..SCORE! We went and saw our neighbor play soccer and took Lily to the adjoining park to swing. Then we came home and had Shrimp Kabobs with our friends Morgan and Hunter. By the Way Hunter graduated from Campbell law school last week. Yay Hunter!

Side stories that did not involve me but were funny. Apparently Lily woke up at 7:30 on Sunday and Michael wanted to take her to the grocery store real quick and get breakfast stuff. I had requested pancakes for the special occasion since I haven't had a pancake since the beginning of this diet. He gets home and realizes he has no milk and this is an essential ingredient to pancakes so he heads back out to the grocery store. Lily is still in her PJs by the way. When they woke me up for breakfast I was like "she looks greasy and sweaty." Apparently they had a rough morning making breakfast! haha! Even funnier we had to go back to the grocery store to go regular shopping so he went three times on Sunday!

Side story that can let you laugh at my expense. So I got the facial on Saturday. I love facials. They usually tell me my skin is in good shape, maybe a little more moisturizer but good. Well this time not so much. I am officially old. I need to 1. Start using a night cream 2. Start using something with Vitamin C in it to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles!!! 3. Have sun damage along my left cheek 4. Have dehydrated skin 5. Need to use a glycolic/salyic (sp?) acid treatment to help with my blackheads. Wow I suck. Who has time for that! I am lucky if I remember to wash my face before I pass out from Mommy meltdown. Dude seriously? I should have slapped her. She may as well of said "happy mother's day old lady!" Note to spa people: LIE TO ME!

All in all a good weekend. My spa stuff was awesome and super relaxing. Great gift. It was nice to just chill on the deck last night and have a few beers. Mmm beer. Oh and add to the the sun damage currently accumulating on the left cheek.