11 Months Old

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today Lily is 11 months old. Today is also Mother's Day! We went to the park and played on the swing after my neighbors soccer game. She was adorable! Got a little sunburned though. Note to self. Buy baby sunscreen.

New Accomplishments to date:

1. Walking!

2. Sippy cup heaven. Now if Mommy can eliminate that morning bottle that she holds onto so dearly we will be set.
3. Starting to fuss when she doesn't get something she "wants" to eat. Last week wouldn't eat green beans, don't know why but wouldn't.
4. Starting to fuss when she doesn't get something she "wants" in general. Yesterday starting rolling onto stomach and laying head on floor to kick. Nice.
5. Still getting way too many ear infections.
6. Wearing 18 months clothes (weighs about 22 lbs. last check)
7. Transitioning onto milk. Started half and half this week with one cup a day. Still gets one diluted juice per day.
8. Somewhat more vocal. Mama (sometime Nana), Dada, Daddy, Bad Dog, Cesna (dena), No No No, stop. I think it should be noted that three of her words are negative. What does that say about me as a mother (Bad Dog, No, Stop)
9. Hair is finally long enough for cute pigtails..hehe. Although color is still debatable. Red, blonde, light brown...who knows. It is three shades in one.
10. Still Michael Jr. Whether that is an accomplishment is debatable.
11. Gives kissies and hugs and high fives! Can sometimes point out your "nose"


Nicole Faby May 11, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

Love her cute little pants!!