Adventure Aquarium-Camden, NJ

>> Friday, May 22, 2009

On the way into Langhorne, PA we stopped in on a local aquarium to fill our empty afternoon. The aquarium ended up being in NJ but was still only twenty or so minutes from out Langhorne hotel. Lily seemed to enjoy the experience. She liked standing in front of the glass tanks and trying to touch the fish. She kind of had a look of amazement through most of the trip.

By far one of my fav pics. I wish I had editing software to fix my hand in the shot. I was so paranoid she was going to fall. But the final product was still cute. Riding the sea turtle is really fun apparently!

Us with Scuba Steve!

A shot of the bridge leading to Philly behind us. Then our jellyfish shot. Lily liked those! They freak me out though!

Silly Family Shots! Lily liked being shark food and Michael and I made Nemo and Friends!

This pic is so cool. It is actually a reflection of Lily in the tank and if you look close there is alligator standing in the water. Yes standing not floating. Only his eyeball is visible. Creepy!

Shark Fossil!

"Careful don't drop her in!!!!" -Steph aka Crazy Mom

Disclaimer....been in the car eight hours and have no make up on.

We had fun and it was a good way to spend the day. We went back and swam in the pool for a bit and headed to bed early for a fun filled day at Sesame Place!