Bad Dog!

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some of you know that my Mom and StepDad are going through a divorce right now which is why I was in Florida for a few days. Helping her sort stuff out, etc. Also a reason I made the blog private for now. You'd be surprised at what info you can get about a person through facebook, myspace, or blogs. Ha! People are Internet detectives these days. So if you really want dirt on someone it is not hard to find. But anyway I digress....My poor husband had quite the adventure while I was gone. I went to Florida for a few days and my whole house falls to pieces! I get a very tired sounding phone call from Michael on Wednesday morning.

Michael: "What a horrible night"
Steph: "What's wrong baby?"
Michael: "Well I fell asleep watching the hockey game. Then Lily woke up about 3:15. So I went to walk up the stairs and saw S*&% all over the stairs. As I walked up to the hallway there was trail of diarrhea from our bedroom, down the hall, and then down the stairs."
This is life with a poodle that is "sensitive"
"So I am cussing Charlie and I get Lily back to sleep after about 10 minutes and decide to let the dogs out in case Charlie isn't "done" so I let them out and of course Cesna (lab) disappears. I say F%$* it 'he will come back' and go back inside to clean up the diarrhea. 1.5 hours later and our carpet still looks horrible, I have used a whole roll of paper towels, all our carpet cleaner and its now almost 5."
Steph: "Oh No!"
Michael: "So why go back to bed? I start doing the dishes and realize the diaper bag with the dirty bottles is outside in the car. I go get those and low and behold Cesna appears. So I get him in the house (cussing him the whole way in) and start doing the dishes again. Well a few minutes later I am like 'what is that SMELL!?' I look around and Cesna is laying there in the kitchen. I walked near him and he has white spots all over his face and smells HORRIBLE! I think he rolled in something dead! But I don't have time to give him a bath so I stuck him in the garage and finished getting ready, etc. I get to daycare and I am complaining about my morning and Miss Sarah says 'oh he got skunked' I didn't even THINK of that. But I am sure that is what it is"
Steph: "your kidding? Now our garage will be skunky! We need to get some tomato sauce STAT"
Michael: "And on top of that after getting up at 3:15 I was still almost an hour late to work. And tomato sauce don't work. We need to get a container of hydrogen peroxide, a half cup of baking soda and a tablespoon of dish detergent"

So last night when I got home from Florida and Michael had picked me up from the airport, he was outside in the dark deskunking our dog. Cussing the whole time.

Did I mention Lily can say a resemblance of "bad dog!" And now you know why.....Poor Daddy.