43 weeks

>> Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random shots from our "photo shoot" of the girls in my kitchen. I have to admit some of them turned out really well! Morgan was my best subject with Lily going through random bouts of screaming fits. I got some gorgeous shots of my little niece though! God what I wouldn't give for that hair!

This is from the of March so they are a little old but I thought I would play catch up.

Renee recently moved to Florida so it was a sad gathering as this will be the last time all three of the girls are together for awhile. Or at least until we start celebrating one year birthdays...which are not that far off. With Morgan in May and Lily is June the girls won't have to go too long.

Does anyone else see my life in fifteen years with these three. One word...TROUBLE. I think the three Moms are going to have their hands full. Boys, clothes, and god knows what else. At least I will have these pictures to remind me of when they were cute and innocent and still thought Mommy was number 1!

I love this the ones of the girls in white. They look like little angels. What is so funny about taking pictures of the three of them is that Lily and Morgan are hitting each other in the face and Renee is trying to keep the peace. Or playing Mommy and trying to get them to stop crying. Because lets be honest one of them is crying at all times whenever we try and get pictures of them together.

I love this shot of Morgan. It shows off her little teeth! She looks so happy in this picture. Morgan is actually a month older than Lily but Lily has definitely got her beat in the teeth department. Lily currently has eight teeth. With the way she has been acting this week I think she is working on number nine.

This was our last basketball game this season against Boston College. I only got to go to two of the four this year. And when I cam Lily joined us. She was good as usual. We decided to snap some shots in front of the awesome fountain outside Carter Finley. It was COLD that night. And she is getting way to big for this carrier. Actually I don't know why it is not packed up. It felt worse than when I was pregnant!

At least this game we had a red outfit for her! For about three months we had no red...bad juju for a state fan.

We finally broke down and bought Lily a wagon. After months of searching at consignment sales I broke down and went to Target and got one on sale. These things are like gold at yard sales and consignment sales! I have been searching since I was pregnant.

She LOVES it! The whole time we walked around the block she held onto the strap though. I don't get it but hey she was having fun. At one point she was laid back with her leg cocked over the side just chillin'. So I think we found our favorite summer activity. Wagon Rides!

She is taking big girl baths now. It is a lot easier for me. Except for cleaning the tub. Now I have to unstick all of the duckys, remove a million toys, and wash those before I even get to scrub the tub. It ends up being a lot of work. But now she can splash freely!

Other updates: Our yard sale was kind of a bust. Apparently Wake County has a makeup day for school (we are year round) on Saturday so we didn't get that many people. On top of that apparently everyone in the county decided to have a yard sale. It would have been a great day to GO yard saling. We made about a hundred bucks which is a lot less than last time and I still have way to much stuff. We are debating on whether to donate it or try again. We may have to donate it soon because we just don't have the room. We didn't sell the two big things I wanted to get rid of: the bed and a table. But our daycare worker wants to bed so we are just going to donate it to her. I figure it's the least I can do for not dropping my baby on her head.

Easter is this weekend. We have Lily's Easter basket ready and Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit. We are even considering going to church! Wow huh?! I am going to make a nice meal for Sunday. The start of a new family tradition. That is comforting to me. I like tradition.

I started getting the logistics of Lily's Birthday Party in order this week. Save the Date...June 13th.

This is Lily training for her Birthday. Nothing puts you in the mood for a party like beerfest!