Ear Frustration

>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Lily has just not been herself for the past week. She threw up a few times at daycare, she was sleeping erratically and sometimes taking four hour naps. Something was just not right. On Thursday I noticed ear drainage. Great another freaking ear infection. This would be the second one that we gotten post tubes in mid February. So we started the Floxcyin ear drops. On Friday evening I noticed she was warm and had a slight fever. When I took her temperature it was about 103.4. Higher than our usual ear infection temps. She usually hovers around 102.1 when her ears are bothering her and it only last about a day. So we Tylenoled her up and she seemed to feel a little better. Saturday was a whole other ball game. She was not acting right at all. Her eyes were glazed over and she was very sleepy. When she woke up from her afternoon nap she was sweating like crazy. So we took her temp again and it had spiked to 104.3. By now I am panicking. I gave her more Tylenol and gave her a cool bath while Michael called our doctor. They said to take her to urgent care since she still had a fever after a few days and it tends to get higher in the evening so it would probably get higher as the night went on. Higher than 104.3??!!! I guess 105 is there cut off to go to the emergency room. Not doing a good job of not panicking. So we rush to the urgent care. We get there....she is fine. Her temp is has dropped as evident by her trying to play with everything she can get her hands on. She is talking and laughing. Seriously? It made me feel a little less crazy when they took her temp and it was just under 103. So we did a good job of lowering it with the bath, etc.

It took them over an hour to see us, the nurse was rude, and they wouldn't even clean her ear out like our doctor normally does. Of course it is a massive ear infection. Probably one of her worst. I asked if the tube fell out and she said she didn't think so because the ear was draining but she couldn't see through all the pus. Uhhhh gross. The Floxcyin ear drops couldn't even get through the infection which is why it got worse. So we get a script for oral antibiotics while still continuing the ear drops and are sent off. Of course its Saturday before Easter and no pharmacy was open at seven on a Saturday so we couldn't even get the prescription filled that night. But we had to stop and get our first bottle of Motrin and she told us to alternate Motrin and Tylenol to control her fever.

Sunday was dicey at best. She was up every two ours the night before and woke up burning up. After the Motrin kicked in she seemed better but at about the three hour mark post medicine you could feel her getting really warm again. But we got her started on the antibiotics and she was well enough to Easter egg hunt.

You know what really frustrated me about all this? The tubes. What the heck was the point?! I am starting to feel like tubes are like c-sections. They hand them both out like fruitcake at Christmas. Oh this is what we do for babies with chronic infections. Well it ain't working. It appears Lily is going to have to "grow" out of them. Well why did I get the tubes if I still have to keep her on antibiotics. Hundreds and Hundreds of dollars later I am still in the same spot. We are averaging one a month post tubes. Ridiculous. I am so frustrated. I do remember the ENT mentioning if she continued to get them they may have to remove her adenoids. Great another thousands of dollars surgery. Funny that the worst one we get is post tubes. Oh and that tube better we in there or I am going to be MAD! But this is just the frustration talking. I just want her well.

I did notice on Sunday two huge teeth in the back of her mouth. She now has both her top molars. Ten teeth people. Ten. Wow! Ten months old with Ten Teeth. I think that explains the previous week of weirdness. I did find a picture of myself at about one and it looked like I had about 14-16 teeth so she def. takes after her Momma.

We will see if I get a call today for her temperature spiking again. Poor Little Lily.


Nicole Faby April 13, 2009 at 9:34 AM  

Bless your heart! I feel terrible for you both!! We had the same thing happen with the emergency room though. Luke was over 104 and by the time we got there he was running around happy and the temp dropped to 102!! I hope it all gets better for you guys!!

Anonymous April 13, 2009 at 10:27 AM  

I am soooo sorry! I feel the same way about tubes and c-sections though! Everyone has to get them now a days!!! This SOOOO sucks for you. How did she look so lovely and nice in her Easter gear though? She looked like nothing at all was wrong...

Alice April 13, 2009 at 10:28 AM  

The Anonymous was me!!!