Birthday Party Change

>> Wednesday, April 08, 2009

For those of you that keep up with the boring blog world of the Eads Family. I need to inform you of a date change. Lily's First Birthday Party has been rescheduled for June 20th to ensure attendance by our loved ones. June is a busy month and people already had stuff planned. Good thing I posted the date on the blog or I might not have ever known! Also Aunt Shannon had to work at graduation in Gastonia that day so this works out for the best.

Funny Story: Lily almost yakked in my mouth this morning. I leaned in for the good-bye kiss on my way to work....I can see it in slow motion now.....GGGGGIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEE MMMMEEEE AAAA KKKKIIIIISSSSSSSS LLLIILLLLYYYY....BLLLLLAAAAAHHHHHH. Luckily my cat like mommy reflexes came out unscathed without even any on the wardrobe. She threw up twice yesterday afternoon at daycare so I fully expect a phone call to come get her today. Great start to a Wednesday morning huh? Even worse we were out of diet soda this morning. I guess Michael should be thankful he made it out of the house alive since I didn't have any caffeine. Just another day in Paradise!