>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have decided to make my blog private for awhile and see if I like it better. There are some crazy people in the world and sometimes I may put a little TMI on here. I don't think I need Joe the Plumber reading about my nipple trauma from breastfeeding.

This will add an extra step for you to view it which consists of a log-in. I use my yahoo account so you don't have to sign up for gmail or anything and the process is really simple. If you are an avid reader please email me at stephainemcmillan@yahoo.com and I will give you permission to view the blog. I will probably do this is the next week or so to give people time to email me. As always I am open to feedback. If the log in totally sucks let me know and I may revert back.

I will automatically add my followers to my permissions so if you want to make it easier sign up as a follower on the left toolbar. Thank you for understanding and respecting our privacy.

Okay that last sentence totally made me feel like I had the paparazzi stalking me. FUNNY! I should add the standard "in this difficult time." haha!