Triple Snow Threat 2010

>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tripe Snow Threat! That is what the weather channel screamed for two days prior to this weekend. Phrases like "paralyze" the city, "dangerous conditions" were common over the reports. So of course we had to travel to Gastonia. But that is yet another post. Lily got to play with Morgan in Gastonia, but we were tied up. Aunt Tanya did send us a few pics of their sledding adventure!

We got back early Sunday just in time to let Lily frolic in the snow. She was very cautious of the snow. Do I like this? I'm not sure! But she was getting around pretty good. The snow was packed really tight so her lightness helped her walk around pretty easily. Unlike Mommy and Daddy who sunk directly into the ground with every step.

As soon as she got onto the ground she asked to go swing. "Swing Mommy Swing!" She trotted around back to the swing set.

Daddy is a much better pusher....
Whereas Mommy is more of a player.....
She started copying me and going "WWWeeeeeeeeeee" with every push. Too cute!
Her hair looks so blonde in the these pictures

Here she is walking across our yard. We got a good amount of snow. I would say at least five inches.
We didn't have a sled so we took out her bumblebee and pushed her around.

My beautiful baby girl is getting so big

Just for fun I decided to do a comparison of last January's snow storm. She couldn't even stand last January, and was barely crawling so I couldn't let her get into the snow. The only way she could enjoy it was in her swing and with the little bit I put on her tray. But this year she touched it, walked on it, and slid on it!

January 2009
January 2010
Just a little bit of a difference eh? I can handle a once a year snow flurry but I don't know how those northerners do it!