New Year's Eve 2009

>> Thursday, January 07, 2010

On New Year's Eve we traveled back home to Gtown for a "Party at the McCarty's." That has a nice ring doesn't it? We dropped Lily off at MiMi and Paw's and headed on over. This will be a post of pictures...which say it all!

It was no surprise to see Dave already blowing the damn noisemaker. Dave and the infamous noisemaker last year barely survived.
Halfway through the party Jenna broke her doorknob. And everyone walked on her floor.....and spilt champagne. It is a brand new house.....
She looked like this the rest of the night. She was a good sport though. She only threatened me once...for yelling. Okay twice I may have been a part of the duo that knock over a large piece of furniture. In her defense my face would have looked worse than this!
Me and the new Momma....first big night out since Joseph was born a few weeks ago.
Me and the SIL
Brooke and Paula
Flip Cup?
Paula and Seth
Sexy Face strikes again!
One of many of Michele and I's mini photo session.

Jen and Brookie bumping heads during a photo op
The Habichts

Bro and sis pic!
Preggo pic. I didn't have the heart to put the original up that includes Scott's big naked belly (yes Brooke's was smaller!)
Scott being...well Scott
Steve and Michele
Da Eads
It was so cold that night.
Dave and I getting the party started. Or at least I was....he was just an innocent bystander
Mini Photo Session....much much later into the night. We were determined to get a presentable pic of ourselves.
But Seriously...Michele and I struggle to get good pics together. It really is a problem. I think it is the face shape difference, or height or something. This is really a great pic compared to our normal. I mean I am not going to say that most of picture taking occurs sober so it may be a consumption problem more than anything!

This is Scott and I going head to head in flip cup. He is convincing me of his superiority.
What was that Scott? Photographic PROOF! It is not easy being an Eadsfest champ...
Sweet Victory! Look at his look of defeat!
Girl team meeting
GO GirlS!
Yeah...I am not sure what my deal is. But I did notice a trend of opened mouth pictures after midnight. Cheap champagne brings out my wild side :)
Flip cup....notice me messing up Scott's hair. Poor Scott I tortured him the whole game.

We had a great time! Thanks Jenna and Dave for hosting us! Even if by the end of the night Jenna needed a drink more than anyone!
Jenna Rocks!
And so does McGillicutty
But mainly just you....