Monkey Joe's

>> Saturday, January 09, 2010

This picture perfectly describes how I feel about Monkey Joe's. But on the opposite end it shows how much Lily loves it. I really hate this place. I hate it even more on New Year's Day when I stayed up till four in the morning and loud sounds are the devil. If I died and went to hell it would be at Monkey Joe's with a nineteen month old.

But my niece loves it too. You can not whisper the words Monkey Joe's around her without complete excitement. It is sweet. No really it is. But I still hate it.

Lily loves it. Look at the completely happiness on her face. This was taken in the toddler jump house.
But you ask...what is it exactly you hate? Well it is the fact that I am fat and lazy and don't want to carry my 30 pound child up and down the slides. And the fact that there are five million kids everywhere and there parents are no where to be found so of course they are acting like heathens. And the way the slides make my underwear go straight up my cute tooshie. The list goes on...but this particular day the noise was killer too. you understand.
But we do it for the kids. And we smile about it on the outside and act excited (especially while they are in the toddler zone and you don't have to carry them anywhere. )

Of course you can go up another slide...DADDDYYY!!
This miniature slide was the only one she could do by herself. So up and down, up and down, she went. A plus side to Monkey Joe's? The kids sleep for hours once you leave.

We did get to see Will, our friends little boy who we haven't seen since he was a few weeks old. Now look at him. Just as cute as can be.
He is seriously a good looking kid.
God's punishment to me will be for Morgan and Lily to both want Birthday parties there. And he will laugh at me for hours while I endure it.


Trish January 9, 2010 at 7:43 PM  

I felt the same way about a place called All Star Fun Center...when Kyle was younger we had & attended several bday parties there. I don't care much about it being loud or crowded.I just couldn't get all the nasty germs, slobber, sweaty sock feet and stank of the place...ok,I'll stop now cause I'm gonna make myself puke!!!!!!

...but it looks like tghe kids had a blast