McFatty mean I have to give up BEER?

>> Monday, January 04, 2010

But alas it is another new year. Last year Michael and I wowed friends and family with our South Beach Success. Michael lost 50 pounds and I lost about 35 pounds. Whereas I am still at my prebaby weight with the help of the diet...all the weight I lost beyond that is sitting nicely on my arse. I have been very successful with South Beach in the past. After the first two weeks of mental reset the diet is easy and gives good results. The cooking is reasonably compared to what I do now just less to no pasta. I recommend it to anyone wanting to start losing weight. It is how I lost my baby weight. And in about three months once I started the diet when Lily was nine months old. You know the 55 POUNDS I gained with Lily. Wow it is hard to believe I carried that around. It is how I got out of the 16 jean and slid into a 12 for the first time since my freshman year. It is how I started feeling normal again after my body exploded from child birth and although the scales say the same number the body does not agree. Now I am a jiggly mess that only some plastic surgery can rectify.

So I am begining McFatty Mondays as seen on as of this Monday, aka TODAY!

What are the reasons for the recent weight gain? Where do I begin. Let's see I want to take you back to July when I spent ten glorious days in Europe with my ultra hot hubby. I mean I was in Europe! I couldn't diet in EUROPE! But honestly we didn't gain that much back on the trip. I think it was the walking.

But then we return and what is right around the corner? Eadsfest 2009. Yes our annual Beer Olympics. You know the one my husband made me TRAIN for every night in our garage after Lily was sound asleep for a MONTH. The one that my husband yelled at me about when I didn't want to finish the twelve pack chugging contest. Yes that is the one.

Hey I did walk away a champion of Eadsfest. But I seem to be carrying a keg around since...on my gut. Is anyone surprised this is my husbands fault? Or the beer's fault? Or just my fault for having a low tolerance post baby. I think that is actually a bonus when not involved in a beer Olympics.

But this isn't a blame game. It is a motivation game. So as of today I restarted my SBD with a goal of losing twenty five pounds in 2010 as my large goal. But my realistic goal is ten to fifteen pounds by summer. That will get me down to my lowest last year and lowest post baby. Heck lowest in awhile and back into the 12 jeans sitting down because right now those jeans are only made for walking....

If only you could see the Chicken and steamed broccoli in front of me now.....yum

Oh and guess what is right around the corner...Eadsfest 2010. An effort in futility.


pinkflipflops January 4, 2010 at 7:55 PM  

Good luck!! I just started today as well.. Anything you have to give up beer for is overrated! :)

Karina Vader January 5, 2010 at 12:42 AM  

Good luck!!!

CLARK711 January 7, 2010 at 2:23 PM  

You could just drink MGD 64.