Happy Anniversary to us!

>> Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Today is our four year wedding anniversary. Wow it's only been that long? It feels like eternity...but in a good way. I can't remember my life without Michael. I remember time based on what we were doing at that point in our lives. It is funny how it turns into that. How love merges you into a single being and time revolves around the "us" like that. It's amazing how so much has changed through our relationship. How different we are as a couple and as individuals.

Eight years ago we were just getting serious after a year of wishy washiness (all on his part of course)
Seven years ago we were college sweethearts. Michael was just a coop and I was just a waitress.
Six years ago we were the cohabiting couple and had just moved in together. Michael graduated and got hired on with ABB (I was still just a waitress).
Five years ago we were the newly engaged couple. I was in full planning mode. I think we had just settled on a date. I finally graduated and had a nonwaitress job!
Four years ago we were the bride and groom. After a year of planning and all consuming wedding thoughts we were focused on our honeymoon (Finally!) and our new life together. But to us it didn't feel that new...
Three years ago we were first time home buyers! We were settled in our first home and we (aka me) were all about home renovations!
Two years ago Lily was just a sparkle in our eyes. For once we didn't have a major life change in the works....or so we thought.
One year ago we were an expecting couple. We could barely even think about our anniversary because I could hardly move with pregnancy ginourmousness and were so anxious for her arrival. .
Today we are the parents couple. Wow. It still feels weird to say that. We plot ways to get one night alone to go see a movie that we have been talking about for months and everyone else on the planet has already seen.

So needless to say we have morphed into awesomeness in every way :)

I can honestly say I think the past two years Michael and I have gotten a lot closer. I think we finally fit into the married skin. We have grown up. I couldn't be happier. I mean every couple still has their moments. But ours seemed to be a lot further apart these days. Being married is amazing. Being married and have a beautiful little girl together is even better. I cannot think of anyone else that would make a better looking baby with me that is for sure!

But today is about us not about all of us a family. We have to remember that. With Lily's Bday only a week from our anniversary we have to step back and focus on our relationship and how far we have come together.

So what I will say today is that although I don't say it everyday "Thank You Michael" you are awesome. I love you so much and look forward to many more anniversaries to come. You do so much every day to make me happy. Whether it be changing the extra diaper, bringing home flowers, or that random "I love you baby" email- you're the best husband in every way. We are definitely not perfect but I think perfection is boring and we are interesting if nothing else. I love you!

So tonight we got a babysitter and we are going out for some QT of our own. I am so excited! Now if only we can manage not to talk about the baby the whole time....