T-2 days till Par-Tae!

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

So I am getting excited about Lily's Party. I guess I feel like she really won't be one until the party is over. I know that is silly but it is true. I can't wait to see her running around with all the kids. I hope she has fun. We might actually break out the video camera which we never do.

Tomorrow I decided to take a half day where I originally had the whole day off. The Europe trip has killed my vacation time so I am trying to conserve. Basically I will just be cleaning and stuff while Michael gets the yard all pretty. Micheal's family will be showing up tomorrow and then we will start setting up tomorrow night. We will most likely go ahead and get the tent up, and the tables out so all I have to do is decorate on Saturday morning, and run around to get food, etc. I am going to have to get up really early...the disadvantage of an 11AM party.

Of course the weather man adds a degree onto the heat everytime I turn on the TV so it is going from hot as hell to hotter than hell. I am trying to remain positive though and be thankful that it will not be pouring.

Then there is the dreaded hole in my ceiling. Do me a favor and act like it is not there, k? If you see it in passing just pat Michael on the back and tell him how smart he is......

Yay for Parties! Can't wait to see everyone and their kiddies!