Eads Family Mission Statement

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Many of you have made fun of my Mission Statement idea. Mainly on the fact I never finished it. This is something we started writing in December 2008 to describing how we wanted to be as a family and what our goals were. Think of it as behavior rules or guidelines. I am proud to say we finished it about 6 weeks ago and it is now hung on our fridge and at my desk at work. I don't think Michael is brave enough to hang his up but one step at a time. I cannot say we always. 100% obey these but it is a constant reminder of what we strive for. As you will notice I have placed it to the left as well. The more visible it is the more likely to ensure change in practices!

Now some people may think it is silly but honestly I think it is important to have a goal as a family. I am not a patient person. Michael knows this. His number one thing he wanted on this list was being patient. Mainly for my behavior. My biggest thing was priorities...my family will always be first. Those are goals we both strive for!

We started by each writing down what we thought was acceptable behaviors, practices, and qualities that we wanted to posses as a family. Without further ado.....

The Eads Family Mission Statement

The Eads' Family will create a positive and loving environment where all feeling and opinions can be expressed and heard by:

Always placing family first
Speaking and acting with kindness and respect
Being Patient
Focusing on the positive in situations and always being thankful
Accepting things we cannot change
Being proactive and helping each other
Incorporating religion into our everyday life
Giving to the less fortunate
Living a healthy lifestyle
Embracing differences as strengths
Providing a stable future for each family member

As a family we will encourage:

Positive changes
Learning, music, and reading
Acceptance and tolerance of all people
Family time and individual quality time
A love of all animals

The Eads Family May 2009