Rave Reviews-Laundry

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I never really battled stains on Lily's clothes until....the toddler room struck. Now most days when I bring her home she has her afternoon snack all over her shirt. I know they don't use bibs because I pick her up during her snack and I never see a bib. But whatever I am set because I have discovered two tools that are lifesavers for kids/messy daddy stains.

Clorox Bleach Pen- I LOVE THIS! Prime example. Ordered an adorable shirt off Hollypops (see blog to left) and it was a white t-shirt with an owl embroidered on it and her name. First time she wore it came home and there were brown stains on it. I don't even want to know what they were eating that was brown but no worries. I had of course already washed the shirt when I noticed the stain but dab with the bleach pen and viola gone! Now some user tips. I bleach the heck out of the spot with the very precise tip. You can get pretty close to the color and it not bleach it out. Then I let it sit for awhile...sometimes overnight. Usually the bleach is dry by the time I wash it. Finally I rinse the bleach off before I stick it in the washer. Mainly so I can wash it with other items. I just rub it under water and ring it out. Wash and done. This pen is also useful on Michael's striped dress shirts where the stain is in the white.

Spray and Wash stain stick: Your a close second to my bleach pen. Pretty self explainitory...rub on, let sit, and then throw into washer...no rinsing necessary. This has gotten strawberry stains out which we all know are awful.

On an opposite and money saving note: What I don't waste money on after the first month? Dreft. Honestly I love the way this stuff smells but it is hard times. For budget reasons got to go! I have recently picked up powder detergent as a money saving option and to be honest I am loving it. I get a HUGE box at BJs it last me months upon months and it works great for half the price/twice the longevity of liquid. No detergent spots like back in the day. I guess powder detergent has come a long way over the years!