1st Birthday Round Up

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

June 8th-Family Day

Daycare was closed for a teacher workday so we took the day off and spent some QT together for her birthday. We went to Chuck E Cheese which was a blast. Hi my name is Stephaine and I am officially addicted to SkeeBall. In a totally non creepy way that place rocks for adults too. Not to mention the pizza was delish. Lily was a little scared at first....

But was soon all smiles!

This was by far her favorite. We spent a lot of tokens on this ride...it was seriously cutting into my Skeeball token budget but it was HER birthday.

Pretty much every Sunday we get a coupon for the place. $20 bucks bought us 30 tokens (everything is only one token) a yummy large supreme pizza, and four drinks. Not bad! We will go back on a rainy day. It is a little far away but nice for a treat or something different. She enjoyed it so I was happy.
I love this picture although it turned out blurry. It shows how excited I was and how Lily was just not feeling it until we showed her the above ride. Then she loosened up!

JUNE 10TH! Family Birthday Party

We had a small party for the three of us after we got off work. I took cupcakes to her daycare and made her a small heart shaped cake (domestic goddess I know!) with chocolate icing to provide the perfect photo opportunity. It was fun! And yummy if I do say so. Lily was sweet enough to share and feed us both. You can't really see the icing that ended up all over both of us but it is there. Then we opened her present and played the rest of the day. It was perfect!

Perfect Photo

Then we changed her into her bathing suit so we could give her the present we so diligently searched for. See Rave Review-Kmart. She loves the water table!

Too cute!

What is this look? It is like "don't you know I will hurt you?"

June 20th-PARTY TIME!

First I will say the weather man predicted it to be 100 degrees on Saturday. I am so glad we changed the party to a splash party. We had three pools...a bigger one, and two kiddy pools, plus two water tables. Thanks to Steph and Brooke for lending the extra pool and table. It worked out perfect. We got it catered by Smithfield's which was great because I didn't have to worry about much except cleanup. We set up a huge tent in the side yard and lots of tables with pink, green, and blue accents everywhere. I really centered the party around her invite. The cake was awesome from Sweet Bliss Cake Boutique in Wake Forest. The did an amazing job for an amazing price. I recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful and tasty cake. I did vanilla with cookie and creme filling and people could not say enough how absolutely beautiful and yummy it was. I forgot to take a picture in all the commotion but I am working on it and will post later. Maybe they will be this weeks Rave Review!

The whole family before the party really got rolling and the temperature started rising

I also debuted my new 'do although in the humidity it started hurting.

She dug right into the "second" birthday cake! I think the practice did her right! Although I am glad she can't talk to tell me how more tasty this one was!

I love this chain of events! And it is funny my finger is stuck in someones mouth throughout the whole episode.

Enjoying her cake!

Aubrey was not scared to dive right into the pools. She was definitely the first to jump in!

Lily's adorable First Birthday hat...of course it took a better picture off her head

It was sooooo hot!

The perfect end to a perfect year with a beautiful miracle. Thanks to all the special people that shared this day with us. It means so much to have you in our daughter's life. We love you Lily!