Funeral, Football, and Cleaning...

>> Monday, February 02, 2009

We had a busy weekend. I took Friday off work to get my house someone else! Thanks to the Bauers, McCartys, and Alden's for the best baby gift by far. I had been holding onto it for months but it was worth it. Can I just say this is the best gift you can get a Mother. Everyone remember this! I will definitely be chipping in on this for future babies. They did a great job. I used Cary Clean Team for those of you in the area. They cleaned random stuff like the inside of my washer! Wow. The crud that builds up in between the fridge and wall and the washer/dryer and wall is also all gone. They scrubbed baseboards and the inside of my fridge. Aaaaaa if only I could afford a cleaning lady. Of course I might have been able to pre baby...but pre baby I didn't need one so it is an endless cycle!

On Saturday we had a very early start to a long day. We met at the Brooke and Scott's to go to Monroe for Meg's Dad's funeral. It was very hard seeing a good friend in pain but I felt good that we got to be there for her. Sometimes that means more than words can say. People passing away is always a big eye opener. Especially parents! We are getting to the age though. But seeing friends lose a parent just reminds me that Lily will have to go through this someday. Ugh its heartbreaking. How do you prepare them for it is the real question? Or can you? I hope I am open with Lily about death. I am sure that our first real experience will be a pet, which is the worst. But a good precursor of things to one lives forever. It's a hard reality. That just reminded me that I needed to get my will done. And get a bigger life insurance policy. And.....And.....not plan on ever leaving her. I will disillusion myself with that.

I can imagine most people would wonder why I would even bring her to the funeral with me. I have a few reasons. First, I want to be open with her about death as mentioned earlier. Second, Meg is Lily's Godmother so it was important to me that she was there. Third, EVERYONE loves babies and who can be sad looking at their cuteness? Babies are secret weapons at funerals. Distraction weapons. It speaks wonders. But that being said it is not always easy at this age to take her to these things. She is in her babbling stage. "dddaddadadad bababbab mamamama babababb dadada" could be heard through most of the service. The part that you couldn't hear that you could hear the little porker eating my secret mommy weapon...puffs. Then when she was done with that she let out a huge burp. To top it off she farted really loud (at least loud to us!). I don't think anyone heard the fart except Brooke who was next to us. But seriously?! I was mortified. I think this may only be the second time I have been embarrassed...the first being in Old Navy when she screamed the whole time. Michael ended up leaving with her and going to the nursery a few minutes early. She did not cry or anything like that just a lot of babbling in her own little world.

We also went to Brooke and Scott's Superbowl party. She was an angel of course. Somehow she managed to fall asleep during all the ruckus. But she did really well considering we were there for like seven hours! I did ask when we were going to be old enough to start spending the league money of food instead of a keg and I was promptly informed...never. I laugh. Wait until all of them have babies and get hammered off a six pack and half the keg goes to waste because we are all too old and light weights to finish it. It will be here before they know it. Of course Michael THINKS he can still handle but obviously he cannot since he left the car door open all night from when I asked him to get her leap frog table out. Instead he passed out asleep. Luckily nothing was stolen except his dignity. And the battery wasn't dead. Although that may have been sweet justice.

A baby developmental update: Lily started pulling up with weekend. She can now pull herself into a standing position from a seated one. Sometimes she can do it from her stomach if she gets a good grip. So this of course has lead to the beginning of the injuries. She took a few topples this weekend, but recovered fairly quickly. It is amazing how resilient they are.

I have been slack about pictures of Lily lately. I promise to take some this week and try to get a video of the pulling up!

Upcoming: Lily turns 8 months, Steve and Michele's shower, and praying that I don't get laid off in the horrible horrible economy.


Sharla February 2, 2009 at 9:36 PM  

"Luckily nothing was stolen except his dignity." You are hilarious!!! :)

Mickie February 7, 2009 at 10:36 PM  

Puffs are a savior! My Dad fed them to Jax through an entire baptism ceremony.

I miss my cleaning ladies!!

Oh,.. and YAY STEELERS!!