Do you ever.....

>> Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I was thinking of some random things that I do that might be kind of weird today.

For example, do you ever.....

-Bite you baby's fingernails? Yeah it is gross to write that but I do it. I have been known to bite her toenail (pre being on the floor and using her feet!)
-Hit the next blog button up on the top of this page just to see what craziness you get. It is quite entertaining!
-Flip through the Pottery Barn magazine and completely redesign a room of your head.
-Randomly try on hats at _____(insert department store here)
-Give the skinny girl in the dressing room line the evil eye when she asks for a smaller size
-Just stare at the baby in her crib sleeping, or randomly get up to check on her just because you miss her
-Really, seriously, picking up the phone now to order one of the infomercial weightloss programs at 2 in the morning. But they really look like they work!!!! In my defense Bare Minerals my make up started as an infomercial and I LOVE it!
-Facebook stalk people you haven't seen in years and never even really liked so why do you care?

It is weird the things you think about at work to avoid doing real work.