Bye Bye Baby Weight

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

I have a ton of events this year. Between weddings, showers, vacations, is all a bit overwhelming. Especially when I look in the mirror. Notice all of these are picture events. I have avoided the camera much of 2008 with the benefit of usually being behind the camera. But since I am actually a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding it will be hard to pull off bridesmaid duty and picture duty. So I have started a diet. Or should I say WE have started a diet.

Michael and I started South Beach Diet with the recommendation from a friend. I am normally a weight watchers girl but found it hard to follow while nursing due to extreme hunger. I actually already owned the book from a past attempt. Obviously I did not have enough motivation that time, right? Basically it is a healthy Atkins. I am not a promoter of Low Carb diets and a lot of people think that is all SBD is. In fact it is a health fat and healthy carb diet. It also focuses on the Glycemic index of foods.

My evaluation so far....Today will mark the end of week one

Weight Loss
Michael: 9.5 lbs
Stephaine: 4.2 lbs

Phase 1 is very restrictive. Pretty much no carbs. I try to be completely honest on this blog. Sometimes it can be TMI but that is my style. I don't sugar coat. So for the sake of honesty I will tell you this week has been tough. I wanted a freaking brownie and a large french fry soooo bad. Michael is really struggling since he cut out fast food with the diet and he eats it about five times a week (a mix of fast food and sit down restaurants). But I cooked every night, and made our lunches every day. And above is the fruits of my labor. Did I mention no fruit the first two weeks as well?

Here is a list of acceptable foods
Certain Meats and Poultry, including
Boiled ham
Lean ground beef
Turkey and chicken breast
Canadian and/or turkey bacon
Low- and/or non-fat lunch meat
All types of seafood

Beans, including:
Black eyed peas
Great northern beans
Pinto beans

A wide variety of vegetables, including:

One serving of nuts each day such as almonds, cashews, or macadamia nuts
Low-fat cheeses
Fats and oils such as olive oil, avocado, or mayo
Sugar substitutes
Treats such as sugar-free gelatin, hard sugar-free candy, and fudge pops

And for the long list of yummy no-no foods
Certain Meats and Poultry, including
Fatty cuts of beef
Prime rib
Dark meat chicken and turkey
Honey-baked ham

Certain Vegetables, including:
Green peas

All Starches, including:

All Fruit and Fruit Juice
Whole Milk
All Alcohol
All Sweets, including
Ice cream
Baked goods

So the hardest? Alcohol, Sweets, and cereal. I love it every morning. Michael's hardest...ALCOHOL, bread and potatoes.

The first week I did feel alot of cravings. I would eat until I was full and know I was full but had this feeling in my throat like it still needed something. Something like a chocolate chip cookie. I can't explain it. When I asked Michael he explained the same exact feeling. I noticed an improvement in this feeling starting yesterday. I will update you next week on how that "need" is coming along.

My only other two complaints are a headache and little havoc on digestion system. I had a headache for about four days. It felt like I was getting off caffeine. Which I wasn't. I did some research and apparently it is common with carb withdrawal. It just proves my addiction to processed sugars, etc. Disgusting really. It was an annoyance but nothing unbearable. The digestion issues or lack thereof might be TMI so I won't go to much into that. Let's say it's not a "show stopper" for Michael like it is for me!

I would say we have both surprised ourselves this week with our willpower. I only fell once. I had a customer visit last week and we had lunch brought in. I had a small helping of white rice because I was starving and that was the only thing left. Michael had a few handfuls of beer on Friday night so that was his cheat. I had one low carb beer. So I guess I cheated twice but who's counting! I feel like we are eating better. Way more veggies than we ever eat! It is inspiring me to cook more. I actually need to be getting up early to account for the morning eggs that we are now having. That adds about ten minutes to my morning routine.

All diets have costs. This one is pricey because of all the fresh veggies I have been buying. In part because Lily started on table food last week and I have been making her steamed fresh veggies, and because of the diet. We may have to switch to frozen to save some mulah though. It is hard economic times! Fresh stuff ain't cheap. But I think that is what gets people in this mess to start with. Processed foods are just cheaper! A neverending cycle.

I will give a SBD update next week....hopefully a little lighter.