Crazy Hair and Chick Flicks....a day in the life

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It must be tough being a young lady. You get up and you have to fix your hair, figure out which diaper doesn't make your butt look too big and then pick an outfit that is so adorable that the daycare workers will only have eyes for you...especially during snack time. And when you wake up with hair like this you sure have your work cut out for you. And then there is Lily whose daycare workers decided to help her out with a "pigtail" right on the top of her head. I call it the 'lolipop kid' look. Straight from the Wizard of Oz.

Then you come home and beg Mommy to watch a movie. Dilegently crawling over to the movies when you don't think Mommy is looking. Pulling up to get a good look. Then the hard part...which movie to watch. A lady has a lot of choices. What could her and Mommy bond over?
Should she go with the old faithful? Sex and the City is Mommy's favorite?! Although it may suck Mommy and her in for days at a time. Who has that much of a time commitment?
Maybe she should keep's a good one!

Comedy, Drama, weddings, and SATC actors! I think we have a winner!
Mommmmmmyyyyy! Come watch this movie with me!